Today’s order paper; Age Limit bill off-as parliament is under military...




MP Babirye wanted by court for selling land twice

By Spear Team Judith Babirye , the Buikwe district Woman legislator has been dragged to the commercial court in Kampala over allegations of selling a...


A gov’t healthy center or death trap? Welcome to Kigezi H/C...

Kakwenza Rukirabashaija II spotted this health unit and it makes everyone wonder how Ugandans survive under Museveni's dilapidated government systems! This health facility is found...

Museveni, a modern slave trader mortgaging Ugandans for weapons?

By: Halid Bidi When General Museveni insult, abuse and call names all past African Kings and leaders for accepting colonialist and selling Africans to slavery...

How todays silence ll be regretfully answered in 20 years

The year is 2040. The conversation is between a 16 year old and his father, a 52 year old(who was 29 in 2017). (By...


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Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.

— George Orwell

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Your actions will haunt you, your children and grand children; An open letter to...

OPEN LETTER TO NRM MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT Dear NRM legislators, I don't care if the people voted or you rigged your way into that office as it's...
Museveni has lived to his word when he said, on the day he swore in as President, that "This is Not a Mere Change of Guards, but a Fundamental Change" It has been a fundamental change of destruction of the country and being handed over to migrants

Uganda’s independence was lost in 1986, under a fundamental siege

The current leaders got power by ''false pretense'' as liberators when actually they were an occupational force worse than apartheid and any imperialist By Oweyegha...
Nambooze with Mukono DP leaders

Shun M7s ‘trashy’ radio talk shows-Nambooze tells Ugandans

FM radios have been turned into the dictators propaganda tools yet Ugandan's still trust what they hear from radio's as gospel truth. Your...
Museveni at radio studios

Letter to M7. The land, age limit debate says, Ugandans are disgusted and don’t...

By personally appearing on radio stations to defend the land grabbing project, Museveni is either portraying his poor administration with nonfunctional systems or...

What will M7 ask for after his death?~Behimbisa

A  social Media activists wonders what president Museveni of Uganda will ask for after his death from Ugandans since he has been given all...


Mukama webale nnyo...tweyanziza..Mukama wawulidde essaala yaffe...oli muneene ayii Yezu wange. Tusimye nnyo Kitaffe....otuwadde Ku ssanyu. Ayiii Mukama tukusaba oleeme kutulekawo naffe otuyambe tuleme kukwerabira,Mukama olugendo lukyali luwanvu.Yongera okutubeera otuuwe n'obusoobozi okuwangulira ddala Museveni Ku nsonga y'okukyusa Ssemateeka.

Tuseeko entiisa Mukama,wadde nga tuli batono,otufananye eggye lya Kkapa etaano nga lyolekedde eggye ly'emmese lukuumi. Abantu ba Nrm bajjeko obuyinza kuba babukozeseza bubbi ne bavoola ggwe Katonda. Baziibe emimwa n'amaaso,bagyeko omukisa gwo,bakkolimire,bakkakanye kuba bakuvuddeko,bavudde mu bantu bo bafuuka Bali banguzi basinza muntu omu Museveni sosi ggwe ayiii Katonda. Bagwagwawadde n'okusinga omulembe gwa Gomola ne Sodoma.

Omubaka gw'otuwadde Robinah Ssentongo mukozese Mukama...munsi eno eyetaaga abakulembeze abesiimbu,abanywerera Ku bigambo,abatalya mu Nsi yo lukwe abakolerera amazima n'obwekanya. Mukama Robinah teyerabira gyavudde ,gyomugye Mukama anti obwerabize busanyawo omusirusiru.

Munyweze ayii Mukama, mufunire emikwano n'abawi ba magezi abalungi era omugobereko ddala banakigwanyizi. N'ababaka bo abebonanye Mukama bakuume nga bwewagamba nti abatono abamazima baliba bamuwendo mungi okusinga abangi abasirusiru. Tuseeko omuwendo ggwo ayii Mukama.

Mungeri ey'enjawulo Mukama nkwebaza olwa abakazi n'abasajja abeewayo abayimirira naffe mu bulungi ne mu bubbi,abayimirira Ku lw'amazima n'obwenkanya,Mukama yongera okutukumiira awamu,otunyweze,otujjemu abalyolyomi era otukozese ebineene.
Mukama sonyiwa obutali butukirivu bwaffe era otuyigirize okukola obulungi mu byonna.Era Mukama ebyo byetukola obulungi bituwemu omukisa naye ebitusobako Ssasira ayii Omukama.

Tukugulumiza,tukutenda tukusamu ekitiibwa emirembe gyonna.
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Don't ask how I do it....I just act spontaneously, out of instinct....Not that I am fearless, but God gave me courage to do things I would have rather feared to do. This trait is inherent in all mankind but it's a personal choice to promote or suffocate it. WE ARE THE MAGGYE so let's rise to the occasion and liberate ourselves. ... See MoreSee Less

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Reached Parliament and first thing I did was to disarm an army officer to show the regime that even the weapons they use against Ugandans can be removed from them...Yes its possible. ... See MoreSee Less

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DP has taken Kyotera....we only wait for the Official declaration....God you have given us a great day....Cong's my dear sister. ... See MoreSee Less

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An urgent call from the headmistress is for you to pick your daughter because she is seriously sick, the next one is from an angry somebody you have never heard of demanding to know why you're not in Parliament to stop the amending of the constitution,the third one is from a hopeful voter of Robinah Ssentongo emphasing that if you stay around, the thieves will not steal "our victory" because it's you they fear AND the last one is from a paid propagandist, confused supporter or hater accusing you of having "hidden" yourself after getting a big bribe....."mwattu honourable ng'osirise nnyo,naawe bakugula".......These are days when you wish you were as indifferent as other Ugandans whose only role is to critique the few brave people taking on Museveni. ... See MoreSee Less

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