Nambooze freed from detention at Naggalama

June 13,2018-Sickly Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze has been freed after detention earlier today at Naggalama police station. The legislator was transferred to Naggalama...



Uganda sinks deeper into debt trap

June 15, 2018 - Uganda's Finance Minister Matia Kasaija yesterday unveiled a Ushs 32 trillion budget for fiscal 2018/19 which once again showed the...


Government announces accredited Yellow Fever vaccination health centers.

Yellow book access. Ministry of Health has signed Memorandum of Understanding with 21 Health Facilities to administer Yellow Fever vaccination to International travellers in Uganda. Dr...


Maureen Kyala pleads for Nambooze’s life

June 19, 2018 - Former presidential candidate Maureen Kyalya has appealed to President Museveni to save the life of detained and bed-ridden Mukono Municipality...

A must read for all Ugandan politicians: Ronald Reagan’s 1980 Election...

In a speech drafted but never delivered in the waning weeks of the 1980 campaign, Reagan was to say: "The overriding question is not...

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Nambooze and Kiwanda speak out on Cbs saga, reveal deadly secrets

June 06, 2018 – Mukono municipality MP Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke has spoken out about the circumstances surrounding her recent banishment from Cbs FM....

Is Museveni on a beggars mission or are his cadres getting the better of...

May 12, 2018 – A letter attributed to President Museveni in which he solicits for financial assistance for his party has raised a number...

102b is a limitation NOT a discrimination, M7 must rest; fearless NRM youth

I’m honoured and humbled by what president Museveni and NRM have given to this country for the last 31 years. “THANK YOU”. However, as a country, we are in a situation many may refer to as an awkward age. That as a country, we are facing new and serious threats to human freedom of expression, we seem to be losing confidence and this may be referred to as incompetence, economic, political conspiracy and national security challenges made worse by tendencies to serve individuals, the health and future of our NRM party its self is an issue. As a party, we have lost confidence in our own self. The task and debate at hand should be a party succession plan as the defining commitment of our party by letting the party chairman His Excellency the president to go home and rest rather than amending article 102b of the constitution. We are in the age we need to look back and remember where this country has come from and look forward and determine the future of this country. As a c

Bobi Wine: All sectors should join medics strike against this repressive regime

  • Policemen/army should strike against selfish sectarian bosses leading them into murder
  • NRM party members should strike against suppression of their party.
  • Traders, taxi drivers and Bodaboda etc should protest high taxes and bad leaders
  • Church leaders should protest against abuse of their institution by imposters
  • Youth should protest unemployment
  • Farmers and peasants should protest exploitation
  • DP should protest against its authoritarian leaders
  • Teachers and all civil sarvants should raise up against poor pay.etc
  • All Ugandans should raise up against an occupational-colonial force in power
By Robert Kyagulanyi MP I am very sad that our doctors have had to be pushed to the wall until they laid down their tools. We can all imagine where that leaves the ordinary citizen of our count

Kadaga don’t hoodwink the public, you betrayed democracy

Speaker of parliament Thursday wrote a letter demanding for explanation from IGP and other security organs over the September 27th siege of the house in which MPs Opposed to Museveni's life presidency project were beaten. Different people have made responses to the letter and we present one here. By. MP Kasibante Moses Right Hon speaker for the record this fails to convince me!. First of all, some of us have footages showing how parliamentary staff guided the goons up to the parliamentary chambers. But you should also remember, the next day as many of us were nursing wounds and pain inflicted on us, you chaired parliament in which two things happened; a) a motion was brought and passed congratulating you upon what had transpired the previous day. b) You on recorded responded to critics by saying that you are the 'custodian of the rules of procedure' actually trying to defend all that what happened to your parliament!. Now all of a sudden this letter!. Don't you think you


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