Why NRM fears consulting all Ugandans on age limit

Doesn't the NRMs order to consult local leaders contradict rule of law and the speakers order to consult masses on age limit   Ruth Nankabirwa...



MP Babirye wanted by court for selling land twice

By Spear Team Judith Babirye , the Buikwe district Woman legislator has been dragged to the commercial court in Kampala over allegations of selling a...


Did gov’t use age limit as coverup to pass the more...

By: Bidi Halid Amidst the age limit and land bill drama week, parliament hurriedly passed a bill more deadly and dangerous to society than even...

Bobi Wine vs Museveni, a Satirical exchange

Mr President, you are right on Bobi Wine By. DR JIMMY SPIRE SSENTONGO Your Excellency, once again I thank you for the humility and democratic spirit...

What misses in opposition fight against M7

Uganda's opposition has the will of the people and government has done all dirt to be direct enemy of people and change is...


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Under a dictatorship, a nation ceases to exist. All that remains is a fiefdom, a planet of slaves regimented by aliens from outer space.

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Bobi Wine

M7 changes strategy on Bobi Wine, answers him through 3rd party

After a marathon of exchanges between MP Kyagulanyi and president Museveni that paused last week with Bobi Wine, publicly exposing shameful errors in Museveni's...

Did M7 liberate or recolonize Uganda?

Uganda at 55: Reflections on Luwero Triangle Bush War. Ugandas  independence is divided  between the first 22years of Ugandan   leadership  and Musevenis 33 By...
Eric Kashambuzi

Uganda is not independent-Under worst imperialists

Eric Kashambuzi: Today is October 9. This day marks the moment when the British flag was lowered and the Uganda flag hoisted. The Queen remained...
IGP Kale Kaihura an army general who after over 10 years has failed to learn the role of police!

Know your limits; Disgusted Ugandans tell Kaihura

Currently someone can sum-up Kaihura's duty as "fighting" against Ugandans and banning whatever is  right for them. By:   Lukyamuzi Yozefu Am trying to figure out how...

Bobi Wine; M7s grammatical errors, symbolizes his governance mistakes and failures

MP Bobi Wine has today made a response to president Museveni's missive in response to the MPs article written to the president. The ongoing exchange...


Love heals... And this is what colleagues have given me....sort of this, the ever present, piercing,burning pain in my low back would have killed me already...at times it gets too much that e very Doctor and Nurse are running to my room...exactly the way it was today BUT then a smile soon returns when colleagues come to check on me....Hon KASIBANTE and Hon.Ssentongo Robinah brought in a smile this evening.Am honoured by your care colleagues....abamenya omugongo bakola kya bwerere. ... See MoreSee Less

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PRESIDENT MUSEVENI STOP KILLING UGANDANS As the confusion continues because of one man's addiction to power, it is unfortunate that many Ugandans have started losing their innocent lives. Imagine a man who is said to have won an election Last year and has only served for one year and half: but still wants more years yet he hasn't completed the term. That's the extent to which he feels entitled to remaining president at all costs. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni you and Obote Killed over 800000 people to take over power, I think those were enough lives! Why do you need to kill more because power to do the same things you critiqued Obote and Amin for? Ugandans have suffered economically during you time and have been silent because they have lives; but now you're feeling so insecure that you want to take away lives of those opposing life presidency..... #Togikwatako All lives Matter. Cc BBC Africa Rex Tillerson Secretary Nikki Haley CNN Politics Fox News Insider

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How Are Feeling Honnarable ... See MoreSee Less

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FDC President Gregory Mugusha Muntu checked on me shortly before I was taken for a minor operation ahead of the major one am to undergo in India....My question and appeal was that isn't there a way FDC can use her party organs to suspend the internal party elections to allow the opposition time to work as a unified group towards three major things currently facing the country,;
1.Age limit bill
2.Land amendment bill
3.LC1 and 2 elections

I told him that sometimes our parties are a liability to the struggle for democracy.

Anyway he told me that there is no need for this as long as FDC has the mechanism to solve her internal contradictions and capabilities to put up structures to counter the Nrm. Thanks General for checking on me.
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