MYSTERY: Is faded singer Chance Nalubega now the highly guarded Princess of Kiboga?

Chance Nalubega


Deep in a remote village in Kiboga District, a castle was some years built by a person unknown to the residents.

From its construction to date, this castle is highly guarded by people dressed in clothes similar to those of the UPDF elite special brigade and you can easily mistake it for a military installation.

“A Princess” who is equally guarded lives here and apart from the villagers having a glimpse of her as she is being chauffeured in and out for her trips to Kampala, the village has no contact with the occupants of the castle.

Yet some of the residents the SpearTeam talked to claim that the “Princess” occupying this semi-palace is singer Chance Nalubega of the defunct Gomiba band.

The residents claim that a very powerful man in this Country constructed this Castle for the singer who is his friend and picks all the bills that afford the musician a life of a queen deeper in this hard to reach area.

Nalubega denies

When the SpearTeam reached her on phone, Nalubega denied being the Princess but quickly added that it is her sister who lives there.

Still Nalubega couldn’t name the sister or tell our team how the shear sister came to own this place “I live at Mawanda road in Kampala,” she said before hanging up.

Who is Chance Nalubega?

Believed to be in her 40s, she was arguably the most sought after female artist in 1990s in Uganda.

Many of you danced to Chance Nalubega’s popular hits like; “Omusheshe, Guma omwoyo, Abalungi balumya, Obulamu bwakisera and Munfudde emboozi among others.

But now, it is a rarity like January rains for anyone to request for her songs on the over 250 radio stations across the country. As a result, she has never appeared on any major concert for many years.

This is a sharp contrast with her contemporaries like; Philly Bongole Lutaaya whose music is very popular especially during Christmas, Paul Kafeero and Herman Basudde, all deceased but their songs continue to be played on FMs and TVs.

Did she change her career?

“I am still singing but radios and televisions don’t want to play my music. They ask for money which I do not have” Nalubega said.

Even last year, Nalubega says she released songs like Wuuyo atuuse, Webale maama and she is planning to release another song called Nkyakwagala this year.

The beautiful Luganda singer became so popular in the 90s at a time when Congolese music was the talk of the town.

Unfortunately, Nalubega says she did not benefit much financially from her talent.

“There was little money in the industry then compared to today. Concerts then were very cheap,” Nalubega says.

Frustrated and quickly fading away into obscurity, she tried a collabo with Goodlyfe singers in 2010 but that did not ravage the situation to enable her stand on her feet again.

Although she could not reveal her marital status, before her disappearance from the music scene, Nalubega had been thought to be dating different celebrities but mostly CBS FM’s Meddie Nsereko Sebuliba.


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