Traders cry foul as KCCA demolishes their kiosks

KCCA evicts street vendors



Over 200 vendors have been left stranded after Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) law enforcement officers razed down their makeshift kiosks and stalls.

Most of the affected vendors were selling clothes and food items.

The operation that left hundreds of kiosks demolished, and wares scattered, along Nakivubo Street began at about 6am and paralysed traffic and business around St. Balikuddembe Market.

Kampala Affairs Minister Beti Olive Kamya

The eviction comes on the heels of a directive last year, by Kampala Affairs minister Beti Olive Kamya to clear vendors off city streets and restore street order.

Although KCCA officials insisted they had warned the vendors about a month ago, those affected accused KCCA’s physical planning department of unfairness and selective demolition.

They also pinned KCCA for “favouring some vendors by sparing their kiosks and stalls”.

Yet others, including single mothers and youth, were uncertain of their next move. They cursed the city authorities for cutting their families’ sole livelihood. To the government, the vendors requested for alternative places of work.


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