EXCLUSIVE: The CV Museveni presented to the world the day he took power


By thespear

Little is mentioned about his involvement in post-independence politics in Uganda; yet it would be a vital yardstick for his suitability to the presidency.

More information would also be required on his activism, rebel activity in Mozambique and his loss of an election for Member of Parliament.

Birth: Born Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 1944(not sure of the exact year of birth)  in Ntungamo, Ankole, Uganda.

Family: Son of Mzeyi Amosi Kaguta (a cattle rancher) and Esteri Kokundeka

Marital status: Married Janet Kataha

Children: four
Education: University College, Dar es salaam, Tanzania, B.A, 1970.

Positions held
President of Uganda, January 29, 1986-uptodate
Government Research Assistant, 1970-1971
Leader of Resistance Movement against Dictators in Uganda, 1971-1986 and  Front for National Salvation, 1974-1979, and National Resistance Army in 1980-86.

He entered the capital City of Kampala by force in January 1986 with the aid of majority of Ugandan citizenry.

Founder and head of National Resistance Movement (NRM), Uganda’s ruling political organasation.
Address: Office of the President, Republic of Uganda, Kampala, Uganda

C/O Ugandan Embassy,5909 16th St.N.W, Washington, D.C. 20011.

However, the otherwise “simple” CV is non-committal on his date of birth. The information is also available in equally scanty proportions on his education and training.

Although it is true he attended the University of Dar es salaam in Tanzania, in the whole, his aptitude has left questions.


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