Caught in the Act: Traffic officer abandons work to concentrate on Whatsapp

The Traffic police officer deployed at the perpetually busy Zzana roundabout

The growing addiction to social media and its attendant distraction have not spared the Police.

A Traffic police officer deployed at the perpetually busy Zzana roundabout along Entebbe Road has this morning been spotted attending more to a chat on Whatsapp than to erring drivers.
Much to their joy reckless taxi drivers have had a field day breaking the law without fear of being apprehended.

The Cop took position in the middle of the roundabout smiling as he taped away on the soft touch screen of his smart phone completely unmindful of his morning duty.

Road users have expressed concern and raised complaints about traffic officers ignore their work and focus on their own business at the expense of those they are supposed to protect and serve.
With the mounting rate of traffic jam especially in the urban areas of the country, the last thing a traffic officer can do is ignore his or her duties.
Police officers are usually very quick to respond to matters which involve obstructing activities of the opposition but in instances of serving the public, there is a lot of laxity.
The incident also evokes memories of when President Museveni gave the nation a show as he made a surprise stop at the high way at Kyeirumba village in Isingiro District to attend to a mystery phone call on the roadside, paralyzing activities in the area.


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