Mbidde is “a good DP” – Museveni


The SpearTeam

East Africa Legislative Assembly (Eala) MP Mukasa Mbidde is secretly negotiating a deal with the ruling National Resistance Movement, The Spear Team can exclusively reveal.

The deal was busted after President Yoweri Museveni told crowds that had gathered in Masindi on Thursday to commemorate the takeover of power by rebel outfit National Resistance Army (NRA) that Mbidde belonged to “not a bad DP [opposition Democratic Party]”.

Interestingly, Mbidde was present at the function that celebrates “NRM achievements” even when most opposition politicians had skipped it branding it a wastage of tax payers’ money.

Cheers and murmurs then followed Museveni’s praise of Mbidde. But Susan Nakawuki, Mbidde’s NRM-leaning counterpart at Eala, stood out of the crowd, shouting, “NRM Oyeee!”

A member of DP, Mbidde in 2011 lobbied for the inclusion of opposition party members to Uganda’s team of representative at Eala.  The status-quo grants a lion’s share of the Eala slots to the ruling party. Out of the nine, six go to NRM, two to the opposition, and only one to independents.

His proposal would later be adopted and he has since represented DP to the regional parliament.

But Mbidde’s attempts to return to Eala on the DP ticket have been greeted with internal opposition. Although party president Nobert Mao has already endorsed him as DP’s sole candidate for the Eala polls slated for July, Mao’s endorsement remains a hard bone of contention.

Already J.B Kakooza, Stella Kiryowa and Kenneth Paul Kakande have written to the party chairman challenging Mbidde’s candidature, and calling for transparency and a competitive process – not sole candidature that is characteristic of the ruling NRM dictatorship.

But Museveni, a fisher of opposition figures, is aware of Mbidde’s woes and is ready to help him – only if he eats the bait and continues to be “a good DP” or even “ see the light and cross to NRM”.

“I told you when you want to get elected to Eala through an NRM-dominated Ugandan parliament you have to make a deal,” said Museveni, a statement that implied that Mbidde had either made a deal with the NRM or was still negotiating for the same.


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