Museveni in Mukono for “Kuzina Balongo” ceremony!

Kibuule and twins

The SpearTeam

Today Museveni is to be hosted by Ssalongo Lusebeeya, father to State Minister Kibuule Ronald [Now also a Ssalongo] in Nakapinyi, Nama sub county Mukono District.

He is to preside over a traditional ceremony commonly known as “okuzina abalongo” in Buganda. One of Hon Kibuule’s wife had twins recently.

This ceremony is done mostly in African setting where twins are treasured and cherished. It is always held in private attended by deeper family members and very closes relatives because it involves hurling obscene words at each other.

M7 and Kibuule are so close.

However its not known which form the Kibuule function will take because although he claims to be a Muganda of Mpologooma Clan his elder brothers and close relatives are citizens of Rwanda with one of his brothers serving in the Rwandan Army.

This is a private function organized by Minister Kibuule in his fathers home. Ironically its a public holiday to Mukono, district local government administration led by Ruzindana Andrew Alias Ssenyonga. Kanyesigye Peace the district woman M.P, The RDC and all district technical staff have all closed office to attend this function

Yesterday was a public holiday, an NRM day on which Museveni clarified he is not a servant of Ugandans but a freedom fighter pursuing his personal interests. No wonder then that the State is deeply involved in this private personal issues and its public holiday today in Mukono!