THE UNRESOLVED MYSTERIES. We raise dust on many issues, thereafter how do they end. Byakomawa?



By Kaweesa Kaweesa
People’s debate on radio, TV and social media would help better our society.  But do our leaders act or complete shameful projects as soon as noise settles down.
Today, let’s share some once so loud but now settled debates whose end is still a mystery.  

The Muhanga UBC 15b goat story. This story brew up MBs. Muhanga goats began a long family uncover. The Mwenda, Kanyamunyu link brew up.
The public opinion was UBC land shouldn’t be robbed that cheap. To date contention questions are still unanswered: Mbu the title was given to Katuntu. But is it still in parliament, at UBC or land commission? Is UBC land still public property or it was after all disposed off? Byakomawa?

Kaihura court summons. Everyone remembers the hooligans who went to “represent” Kaihura in Makindye court and beating up opposing lawyers. Death of the presiding Magistrate is well known. Earlier on Kavuma the a judge had issued staying the matter until a case objecting to the prosecution had been deposed off. But unknown is, was Kaihura the suspect exonerated by death of the Magistrate or the hooligans won the case for him and he is now a free man?

prrrrrr Ssematimba
Sematimba Peter. The face of expelled M.Ps. Still there on unresloved appeals

The so many NRM M.Ps pulled out of parliament. Over 20 M.Ps lost seats through court. Courts said election petitions were to be rid off within 3months. What happened to the losers/winners?

The death of Gulu and

Ndagire Jameo
Hon Ndagire Regina Jameo of Mukono division’s death caused a still. Todate the cause is a mystery

Mukono councilors. These were young energetic D.P councilors and serious upcoming politicians. Their abrupt death was so suspect. D.P suspected they were either poisoned or particularly Ndagire was strangled in her house for raising dust on Mukono central division forged budget. D.P promised to never settle down until murderers are brought to book.   That was the last we heard about that case! Byakomawa?

After Museveni making a damn statement in Masindi, he diverts us with a list of ambassadors. In the list he releases two high profile unexpected names amongst 37 one cultural another opposition. It covers the handshake and parliamentary chambers 204bn project and helps him pass other useless members into ambassador positions unnoticed.

The local government amendment bill was passed. LC elections are to be held soon. The pertinent question is. Which day will the elections be held? Under what procedures?

Byandaala. The Katosi road funds gone undercover?

Kasiwukira government court appeal. The national theater land saga.  The military barracks attacks, Byandaala—Katosi road funds theft. Injustice Kavuma age change debate and Parliamentary vetting committee to vet Wamala as state minister. The ending to all these cases remain a mystery. We need follow beyond social media debate.

Does the unexpected happen undercover or government changes strategy in answer to peoples alarms?

Share with us a once too hot issue whose end is still a mystery. Then the spear will provide the answer



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