8 reasons why Ingrid had to lose EALA- FDC vote; the party rarely rewards activists

Ingrid Turinaawe

Kaweesa Kaweesa. The SpearTeam

  1. Ingrid looked a self-contradictory candidate since together with Dr. Besigye they are running a defiance campaign yet complying within it. Ingrid is remembered for lambasting MP’s for swearing in after the contested elections. She is the minister of internal affairs in the opposition defiance government. It’s contradictory that she wanted the MPs she blamed of “betraying the struggle when they accepted to swear in to vote for her as EALA MP.
  2. The MPig allegation

It was alleged that Ingrid was behind the recent Mpigs campaign, true or false this allegation made Ingrid to loss friends. Amongst the MPigs was LOP Winnie Kizza who commands a lot of support among FDC- MPs and within the Mugisha Muntu – FDC camp.

3. Museveni Vs Besigye factor

Museveni would not wish to have someone of Ingrid’s caliber get into EALA. Given her activism, it would be like sending Besigye in the 5 countries of East Africa. For the above reason even if Ingrid had gone through she was already faced with a roadblock in parliament and FDC knew this and could not risk their slot.

4. Mugisha Muntu Vs Besigye factor at Najjanankumbi

Deep division exists within FDC party;Besigye is very powerful among the masses but weak within party leadership cycles while Mugisha Muntu is strong within the party but weak outside. FDC top leadership is divided into two camps one for Besigye and another for Mugisha Muntu. These camps are so deeply parallel that each had a candidate. Ibi was from the Muntu faction and Ingrid from Besigye’s. Still it was a stiff campaign as Ibi polled 20 against Ingrid’s 18 showing a sharp division within the party.

6. Enemies within Besigye’s Camp

Even within Besigye camp, Ingrid herself had personal enemies. In the last elections she had contested against Kaginda for the Rukungiri Municipality seat but lost. Her closeness to Besigye is hated by many within Besigye’s camp. Winnie Byanyima’s recent campaign for an NRM candidate predicted this fate.

7. Ingrids Political CV

Ingrid is a trained teacher and Secretary for mobilization in FDC. The feeling among some people was that she was less exposed compared to Ibi, a two-time legislator. Additionally Ibi presents herself as humble lady and had more parliamentarians favoring her as opposed to Ingrid.

8. Activists usually fare badly in FDC

As a party FDC’s choice of representatives is unpredictable. It is zeroing to the fact that they do not side with strong activists within it. Salaam Musumba in 2012, lost to the now Museveni’s Bukedea – girl Among Anite in an election at Najjanankumbi under surprising circumstances.



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