A case of Mbiire’s Vs Ugandans. Mwenda wants TVO’s head, Mbiire wants Nambooze’s. Kanyamunyu took Akena’s. . . .

Mbiire goes for Nambooze's head as Mwenda goes for TVO after Kanyamunyu takes Akena's

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The Mbiire Nambooze case has a Kanyamunyu murder stature relationship. Its a display of a class of people with exaggerated sense of arrogance and power over Ugandans to an extent that they believes “if someone scratches your car, just shoot and kill”

The spirit behind Mbiire’s case is exactly the Kanyamunyu murder story only that Nambooze is lucky that she didn’t face Mbiire physically otherwise she would be another Akena as all those people now carry guns.

This class’ impunity has grown to an extra-ordinary level  against citizens who gently accepted, settled and deal with them in their businesses. In return unfortunately they exploit them socially, economically and in all other sectors and have even developed a saplessive program against citizens worse than apartheid, that they “own” the government so they are far above the law, untouchable with a right to “shoot and kill at will” and no word or comment should be made about them. They “own the country” so can “shoot and kill” anyone through any govt sector.

This is a case against all Ugandans. In a country where freedom of press has been suppressed and all conventional media’s strictly censored, social media is the only available open media for the suppressed Ugandans.

By Mbiire threatening Nambooze on social media, government is sending shock waves to you ordinally Ugandans that “hey dont say a word against us on social media” other wise we will do a Mbiire you. Most Ugandans being cowards, govt will succeed in silencing them. Through Mbiire government is setting a precedence through which any facebook or whatsup user can be threatened sued or arrested for saying his mind. 

Its a case of the MBIIRE’S  vs “BAD” Ugandans

The room for negations and outside court settlement of this matter was dismissed and justice has to take full course.  Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament, Betty Nambooze,  denies defaming  Mbiire. she argues the businessman has no cause of action against her and therefore is not entitled to the reliefs sought in court

Through her lawyers Lukwago and Company Advocates,  Nambooze filed her defence at the civil division of the High Court on Monday and the case was allocated to High Court Judge Henrietta Wolayo for hearing  though  its date has not been fixed according to the court registrar, Alex Ajiji,

In her defence Nambooze says she did not make, publish or cause any defamatory statement against Mbiire  and he cannot at any point claim to have suffered any injury due to her post. She therefore wants court to dismiss the suit with costs.

“I shall at the hearing of the matter adduce evidence to prove the fact that the content alleged as defamatory in Mbiire’s plaint has no capacity to injure his reputation in the opinion of a right thinking members of society” she stated

Mbiire’s billions message

While in South Africa every Ugandan there was talking about Mbiire’s daughter whose marvelous wedding was being organized by her father Mbiire…indeed news coming from here indicates that
Mbiire goes for Nambooze’s head as Mwenda goes for TVO after Kanyamunyu takes Akena’s
the last Saturday wedding was a real record breaker and cost billions…for seven days honey moon the couple will use sh1.2b…In the same week Mbiire was in news in Uganda seeking a government bailout for his sinking business empire…the two stories don’t seem to tally.

Through Sebalu & Lule Advocates Mbiire rushed to court claiming defamation by this July 23 facebook post

Mbiire says that the statement led to various queries from his business associates, clients, family and it took his time explaining it to his family members.

Since he explained to his family now Mbiire seeks for damages and cost of the suit at an interest rate of 26% per annum from the date of judgment until final payment.

Within the same group, Andrew Mwenda has just lost a facebook case against TVO.

Mbiire, is the biggest beneficially of internet in Uganda because all Ugandans buy from him Mbs through his company MTN .  He is shooting his feet because if he is used by govt to limit social media use in Uganda his company will be the first victim. Unless as government does during elections when they switch off internet but government pays them for losses. Maybe even this time there could be a deal in which government will compensate his company for silencing one of his clients critical to it.

Mr Mbiire, Impunity aside, as a gentleman making a simple clarification over this through your own facebook page [as you believe it is widely read] would have been enough instead of reminding Ugandans of their fate by matching Kanyamunyu steps.

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