ABOMINATION; Munyankole minister takes Kabaka to court over Buganda land


The SpearTeam

Well, there is a famous Luganda saying that “Omunyoro omugezigezi alisalira omuganda ku ttaaka” meaning that a wise Munyoro will one day find himself superior to a Muganda.
The saying comes to pass with Museveni’s minister Kabafunzaki Herbert who on becoming as wise as the legendary Mr. Hare has dragged the Kabaka of Buganda and the oldest Prince Kiweewa Jjuuju to court over land found in Buganda.
Leaving the court issues alone however the true story about this land is;

That land is found in Busabala near Bobi Wine’s beach. It’s personal estate of the Kabaka which he bought using his personal resources. He went and got a lease from Buganda Land Board and paid squatters who then vacated the land about five acres.

That kabafunzaki while still a councillor at Makindye first used proxies to steal the land because it looked vacant as Kabaka had paid squatters who in turn left leaving a huge open space. He put some structures. Then he rushed and deposited consent fees to tie and legalise it with BLB. Then BLB wrote to him informing him that Kabaka had acquired a lease on the land before.Therefore,he could not be given the land since the Kabaka had already taken the land.

Kabafunzaki, state minister for labor, then plotted to steal the land by sponsoring squatters to occupy it.Then he built quarter guards on it.Nkuluze moved fast and removed the quarters.He has in turn gone to court and the media to try and blackmail the Kabaka so that Kabaka can leave the land for him.

Unfortunately for him,just like Mabirizi found out,Kabafunzaki will find out that the Kabaka cannot be blackmailed to give up what belongs to him and Buganda.



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