Land grabbing: Bamugemire Commission sworn in with a ready report giving M7 powers over Uganda Land

LAND GRABBING. M7 grabbing land for foreigners

Land grabbing: Museveni swears in Bamugemire Commission with an already set out report to give him powers over Ugandan Land.

When the 1995 constitution was promulgated, Mr Museveni unequivocally announced how he was unhappy that the law had vested the ownership of land in the hands of Ugandans. His idea was that land would be vested in Government (read Museveni) to Purcell out and give, allocate, evict and occupy as he wished. Since then Mr. Museveni has labored through pronouncements, legislation and action to take over Ugandan land. Ironically Museveni’s efforts are zeroed one region, Buganda and his struggle is to put all land in foreigners hands!

Renewed efforts:

This time around Museveni seems set to implement his ideas on land. He kicked off this term by appointing UPC’s Betty Among Obote to head the lands Ministry in a strategic move meant to silence the Northerners whose culture doesn’t allow foreigners including those from other parts of Ugandan to own land in that area.

The Bamugemerire commission:

To justify the coup Museveni is about to carry out against the constitution in relation to land, he has appointed a Commission “to inquire into the Effectiveness of Law, Policies and Processes of land Acquisition, Land Administration, Land Management and Land Registration in Uganda.”

The Commission of Inquiry comprises of the Chairperson and six Commissioners: The Chair: Hon. Justice Lady Catherine Bamugemereire who currently is the regimes “Deadly mission judge”  The Paul turned Saul  former Buganda Kingdom Robert Ssebunya, Mrs. Mary Oduka Ochan, Mrs. Joyce Gunze Habaasa, Dr. Rose Nakayi, former Attorney General Fred Ruhindi and Mr. George Bagonza Tinkamanyire. Mrs. Olive Kazaarwe Mukwaya, a Deputy Registrar planning and Development, is the Commission Secretary, assisted by Dr. Douglas Singiza, a Magistrate and Legal Researcher.

Museveni also appointed a Kampala-based Leading Advocate, Mr. Ebert Byenkya, as Lead Counsel, assisted by Mr. John Bosco Rujagaata Suuza, a principal state attorney in Attorney General’s Chambers.

The Commission’s Terms of Reference:

  1. Investigate and inquire into the law, processes and procedures by which land is administered and registered in Uganda
  2. Investigate and inquire into the role and effectiveness of the Uganda Land Commission (ULC in administering public land and the Land Fund
  3. Investigate, inquire into and review the effectiveness of the relevant bodies in the preservation of wetlands, forests and game reserves and examine ways in which the challenge of human habitation in those areas can be resolved.
  4. To investigate, inquire and solicit views on the role of traditional, cultural and religious institutions who own large tracts of land with occupants in a bid to enhance better landlord/tenant relationships
  5. To assess the legal and policy framework on Government land acquisition, to identify, investigate and inquire into the effectiveness of the dispute resolution mechanisms available to persons involved in land disputes,
  6. To inquire into any other matter connected with or incidental to the matters aforesaid and make recommendations,

The Commissions expected recommendations:

For improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the law, policies and processes of land acquisition, land administration, land management and land registration in Uganda and proposing necessary reforms, Pertaining to civil, administrative and criminal sanctions against persons found culpable for wrong doing.

Ready Report

Like Bamugemeire did with the KCCA-Lukwago impeachment report, the SpearTeam has learnt that her commission already has the cloth cut out for them. With andalready known report they will eat the billions then handover to Museveni a report he has always had in mind



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  1. Dear Editor, Hi. I’m requesting you to publish my article, warning you and other Ugandans who won land and property lawfully, that we are in danger of being landless and paupers in Uganda. I want followers to watch out for these kind of thefts orchestrated by those rich men in position of trust and power. This is an example how they wanted to steal my land along the Bakuli-Nakulabye-Kasubi-Namungoona Road where the World bank loaned and remitted last year $185 to KCCA through Uganda govt for this project. Funds were swindled and used up during their February 2016 Election period. Now they are trying to cover up the deficiencies by stealing from the ordinally citizens like me.

    This is how it goes. Please refer to the 2 attached Disclosure forms:

    The 1st form issued to me in March 2016 shows a total area they wanted to buy from me of 0.216 acre ( 0.08+0.136) = 21.6 decimals. It was valued at 404.32M

    The 2nd Disclosure form issued to me in Feb 2017 shows a reduced area to be purchased from me, 0.209 acre = 20.9 This is an amendment to “reduce” potion of what they want to acquire and compensate. They revalued it at 58.52m! OMG!

    21.6 Decimals – 20.9 Decimals = 0.07 decimal reduction in area

    404.32m – 58.52m= 354.8m reduction in payment

    Meaning that the reduction in area, 0.7 decimal, is valued at Sh. 354.8 millions???

    I’m a trained Fraud Investigator and the moment I received their KCCA forms to sign, I did what is expected of me. Im a whistle blower and I will reach to the top of the World Bank Audit and monitoring Department in charge of Africa- Uganda, on behalf of the rest of my neibhors who I think are in the same boat. KCCA was to compensate 50 land owners. I hear that they have reduced the number to 15.
    What is amazing is that when KCCA was applying for the loans, they used the original valuations, e.g 404m plus disturbance allowance for me. Now that they got the money, they are asking me to sign for 58m. When time comes to account for the funds, Im sure they will present the original evaluation figures. I bet you.

    Thanks alot


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