The inside story of FDC EALA dramma

MUNTU MAO and Lumumba
After spending 5years outside EALA FDC is the hungriest party for representation as they don’t have a single person to at least carry their name by word as Mbidde and Opoka carries DP and UPC in words. The parties main fear is winning a position in an NRM dominated parliament on the other hand Museveni doesn’t want to even have the word FDC in EALA.
FDC pulls Ingrid Turinawe out of EALA race

CONFIRMED DEAL: NRM to ally with “Good” DP/UPC to punish FDC for defying Museveni

Enter ANITE Among the people dealer

Among Anite was NRMs candidate in last EALA primaries within FDC and she spent a lot of money to defeat Salaam Musumba in the primaries.
Museveni used Anite to defeat true opposition candidate Musumba thereafter used her to give false hope of a case against government over representation in EALA.

Rather than helping it deepened opposition further and sealed her relationship with the ruling party. Museveni used Mbidde to disorganize opposition with a false case during elections while Anite gave the opposition a false hope after the disputed elections.
The problem.
Anite had Ibi as a her personal candidate to play dirty politics She took her to Museveni and they agreed to use Ibi to hold FDC under false hope by claiming to be there flag bearer but finally nominate as an independent so that the word FDC doesn’t appear in EALA. Mugisha Muntu faction was part of this treacherous arrangement and the deal was concluded.

On getting information that MUNTU and IBI through Anite made a deal with NRM to erase FDC in EALA the Besigye faction looked for a candidate to represent true opposition and that’s how Ingrid came in at the last minute. This automatically necessitated FDC party primaries which the Muntu group handnt planned for.

On hearing party primaries Ibi rushed back for primaries. Her strategist Among Anite financially funded her and other sponsored other candidates like Byaruhanga in the race to defeat Ingrid and maintain good Fdc Ibi.
Muntu on the other hand on realsiing his deal with NRM was pierced he on election day in panick opened a window to allow Ibi into EALA in case she loses to the then strong Ingrid. Before elections as party president he made a suggestion that FDC will send two representative to compete in EALA. On vote counting Ibi won by 3 votes.

Muntu dramatically wanted to cancel his earlier submission that FDC is to send two contestants as Ibi for whom that window was opened had won. Drama was when Mafabi the SG couldn’t be stopped from recommending the two candidates as agreed so Ingrid went to parliament.

The current saga;
The agreement was to vote Mbidde Ibi and Opoka.
It had been agreed that Nakawuki would be thrown out on conditions of being a Muganda and fact that her family through husband ambassador is benefiting from NRM arleady. but when Muntu failed to keep Ingrid out and Ibi appeared as FDC which M7 doesn’t want to hear even by word in EALA the game plan turned and now tides swung to Nakawuki but Anite was uncomfortable  with Good FDC so she went back to NRM to negotiate for the good FDC and Muntu in particular.

NRM intelligence got info that INGRID could easily win EALA seat. In her favor are Entebbe primaries failures and their teams who want revenge on NRM by voting Ingrid. The western block vote who normally  cast votes on tribe, race  or regional basis and true opposition MPs  who see her as the only person truly opposed to NRM. Intelligence showed that  the 115 who opposed government during speakers elections could vote either way as Nsereko no longer has control over them as NRM had planned before.

In panic NRM devised rush strategies to keep Ingrid and FDC out.

A meeting was called on Tuesday between DP’s MAO, MUNTU AND NRM’s LUMUMBA  to forge a way forward. The meeting came out with two major resolutions:

It was resolved that MUNTU withdraws Ingrid so that Ibi gets opposition MPs votes as start up since with her in the race opposition will be divided.

It was agreed that if MUNTU removes Ingrid one of the 3 who is not voted becomes Minister of state for east Africa. (NRM doesn’t want to take Mbidde into its cabinet as he is still very useful controlling DP, so Opoka is likely to take the ministerial post

The meeting devised two ways to remove or decampaign Ingrid from the race:

One was technical withdrawal by party which Muntu personally undertook, Two they set up a team to attack, abuse and shout down Ingrid within parliament amplifying the Mpig story, Hon Kakooza, Kato Lubwama, Nsereko M were tasked with this duty.

Muntu’s task was to write a party withdraw letter. In this line with  NRM duty Muntu called a management meeting Tuesday 22nd to get a “minute” to officially remove Ingrid. But many FDC had gone for an opposition convention in Netherlands. Without a management minute panicking Muntu wrote and signed the illegal letter himself as the SG nandala Mafabi or assistant Kaija couldnt sign amidst that confusion.

What remains now is how MUNTU maneuvers to take Ingrid out within these last 4 days to please NRM.

Meanwhile NRM MPs feel disgusted of being ordered what do. They say in Entebbe they were ordered to ignore their choice candidates in favor of Musevenis now they shouldn’t be ordered on opposition.
Ingrid has become a stronger candidate yet at first they had thought her an intruder out to fail FDC selected Ibi.

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