LAND GRABBING: The 3875 acres Mukono forest reserve Mission [part 1]

The Namyoya forest degazation map

After giving away 2550 acres of land to a Chinese National to grow maize and rice under a project code named the Agricultural park in Luweero, the land grabbers have now set their target onto 3875 acres of a forest reserve in Goma division in Mukono Municipality.

A Chinese national whose identity and names are being kept obscure has already “submitted” a proposal through Infrastructure Design Forum, architects, engineers and Planners located on 3rd floor NIC building(Annexe), plot 3,Pilkington road to both Mukono local councils and Central Governments to take over this land for free to construct what they have called Science and Technology Park [In Luweero it was called an Agriculture park]

What renders this project suspect is that although the proposal talks of constructing a Science and Technology Park, the accompanying master plan shows that what is to be constructed are Hotels, recreation grounds, golf course, residential houses and a chunk of 10acres reserved for UPDF!

“Land grabbers have these days devised a new strategy, they present development plans with big projects but as soon as they are allocated land they share it among themselves and either sell it to third parties or come up with other projects not related to the initial plan.

Interestingly although no council meeting has ever been convened in Mukono to cause the degazzetment of Namyoya forest reserve the documents submitted to Parliament upon which this land is going to be given away reads: “The proposal has received over whelming support from Mukono Municipal council, Mukono Districts Local Government and the Government institutions mandated with the role of promoting, coordinating and implementing science, technology and engineering innovations”. 

All these land grabbing and give away to Chinese nationals are coordinated by the Vice President Ssekandi who was assigned the duty of scouting for Chinese to come and settle in Uganda and also spot land to be allocated to them. In doing this work, Ssekandi works with the secretary general of CAFAU, Dr Alex Kakooza, whose organization scouts for Chinese investors such as the one to be allocated Mukono land . Kakooza recently told luweero people that “Ugandans should look at the value the investors add to previously idle land. Much of the land we have has been idle, we have got people to make use of it and we are still complaining”. He asked:

In our next series the SpearTeam will bring to you the level of corruption and bribery driving behind these project with its sponsors paying out money and trips to China to local and National leaders in Mukono and how this grand corruption scandal and land grabbing is threatening to tear apart Mukono leadership. We shall also bring you a list showing how this land has been parceled out and the individuals benefiting from this grand theft of Public land.


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