Museveni spends millions to fly Pastor Kayanja to his farm

Kayanja after helicopter ride
The Kayanja Kaguta relationship moves to new heights everyday. After recent report s of Kayanja demanding 3 trillions from Museveni as tithe to his church off “Museveni’s” national budget, Pastor Kayanja last week posted boasting how he flew him in a military chopper to his Bushenyi farm. 

The real motive of the trip isnt known but the pastor in his last encounter with Museveni during “DOG 77″prayers is said to have told the president of the “many devils planted in state house and all around him that needs exhortation”

“Last week Museveni invited me and a team from Singapore (Mr. Albert Lim, Pr. Vera Lim and Sister Jeniffer Lim) over to discuss a couple of issues and alao visit a prospective Banana juice factory in Bushenyi-Uganda. We were honored to be flown over in the Presidential Helicopter. Beloved you are about to receive an invitation from someone very important that will change your life. The presence of the Holy Spirit changes everything in your life. Embrace the Holy Spirit and let him change your situation. We are going from Glory to Glory”

Kayanja from military chopper

A single flight calls for costs that include fuel, follow up maintenance costs and pilot allowances. Flying a military MPS helicopter costs £850 per flying hour according to expert sources The Spear consulted.

Brethren; Can we kneel to praise the lord for granting the two men’s life over and above us all.




  1. It’s good for Museveni to do that. There is no weapon that can fight poverty except spiritual weapon of God. No amount of money to Ug can radical economic the poverty unless pple turn to God. 2 Chronicles 7:14. Weapon to kill poverty is turning back to God with sincere repentance and to give TITHE of all from the nation of Uganda to God, and then continue to give that tithe as instructed in Malachi 3:7-11 and the spirit of poverty will be broken. This must take a sincere Pastor who looks at Ug as a whole, like a true High Priest, and not a sectarian High priest. It has to be the entire country, not only certain parts of the country . Look at the history of Israel, it was King David who fought & united Israel as the 12 tribes in one country of Israel. As long as there is tribalism dividing some parts and only considering other parts, you can be rest assured that no matter what time is given will never break the poverty. Jesus told people that before you put your offering at the alter of Gid, first go and make up with your brother and return and give your offering to God otherwise your offering, tithe or seed will not be accepted like that of Cain. Your sacrifices, givings, seeds, tithes, offering will be in vain. God loves everyone, that’s why rain falls on everyone’s land alike, the wicked & the just but God does not want any soul to perish so the High Priest must be very sincere before God by loving everyone, not being tribalistic. A true Levites will accept all the 12 tribes of Israel & not say, sorry, the Rubenites are very bad, and begin to teach in the Temple about how bad the Rubenites are. The other tribes know them too but the High Priest will only read the Torah to the congregation and teach them the instruction/ law how to be pleasing to God. That way God prospered Israel but the moment any Judge or King disobeyed God, the whole 12 tribes plus the Levites suffer. King Saul killed even the priests just coz King Saul became evil befor God and coz of that the priest were killed. It’s not about division which is the tool of satan to keep a people bound.
    Ug must give tithe from the treasury to God for promoting the gospel in East Africa, we have Somalia, DRC, S Sudan that require serious evangelism, not to mention the millions of witches in Uganda.
    Then Uganda as a country MUST declare a national day of Repentence as King Hezekiah did when Senakerib of Syria brought to them an abusive letter to insult them and threaten them to give up their God. God answered their prayers. Our President said he is a born again, he has declared numerous days such as Tarehe Sita, why can’t he DECLARE every 7th day of the 12 months a day For National REPENTENCE. Ug is a Christian country, that day no shop should be opened, no activity except asking God for forgiveness. Only two or three of these will free Ug of poverty, witchcraft and free Ug into evangelising East Africa.
    If this is done, believe me there will be radical change in Ug in relation to evangelise. You can’t evangelise without money so we must break this curse of poverty by fasting and praying as a whole country.
    Recall what Achan did in the camp of Israel when they raided Jericho. No spoil was to be touched. When Achan stole some items as spoil in his camp, the children of Israel were defeated in the battle of Ai. They were slaughtered & they ran. When their leader asked why the defeat. God said Achan disobeyed his command, Jericho was the tithe so no spoil was to be taken but ONLY ONE SOLDIER.took the spoil and the entire 12 tribes plus the Levites suffered for it. Is this not a lesson to us. We must believe, persevere as one now, no tribalism or sectarianism otherwise failure failure & failure in our efforts as a country. SOLIDARITY. This way we will give satan no room to operate.

    God why t