Now Pastor Yiga Abizaayo Introduces “holy” tea and toothbrush

Pastor Augustine Yiga Abizaayo located in Kawaala in the city Kampala
Pastor Augustine Yiga Abizaayo located in Kawaala in the city Kampala
Pastor Augustine Yiga alias “Abizaayo” of the Revival Christian Church Kawaala Kampala has introduced “Holy tea” which faithful’s take every Saturday night for “blessings” The Spear undercover reporter prayed at the church last Saturday.  

The tea is sparingly served in “holy” plastic cups accompanied by a loaf of “holly” bread. No amount of money is expressly charged for the tea or bread. But before tea is served the pastor cautionary induce into followers minds the biblical parable of the sower in one statement “Unless you sow you will never get a good harvest“.

Pastor Yiga’s church clients—-sorry the congregation is made up of young women seeking marriage, fertility, jobs, business success, job stability, those facing unstable marriages and some claim to have been bewitched. Others especially the elderly are terminally sick brought by their young relatives to receive curative “miracles’. Most men in the church have financial problems, bank loans, failing businesses, lost jobs and claim having bad luck so they walk in for blessing.

” We don’t charge money for miracles but for an opportunity for me to listen to you, touch you and pray for you privately, pay a booking token fee of 200,000/-”  Pastor Yiga tells his congregation at any forum he gets.

Follower’s line up to the pastor’s cashier to pay this “token” which books a 5minutes private interaction with the “holy” Pastor.

In a modernized traditional witch-craft manner,

Pastor Yiga last month also introduced the “holy” tree seedlings which are also sold at the church to followers. He tells followers to plant it at their compounds or businesses premises, the pastor also introduced “Mobile trees” transferable to any locality he says. Followers are urged to plant those “holy” trees within their home or work vicinities such that no harm, curse, witchcraft or misfortune befall them.

In the same manner Pastor Yiga also sells “holy tooth brushes” which he tells followers to use every morning for a whole days blessing!.

Apart from the fixed “booking fee” of 200,000/=  most items sold at pastor Yiga’s church have no fixed prices, he just sets the minimum price and followers pay according to size of “blessing” they want.

All happening last month, Pastor Kayanja was reported to have asked tithe of 3.2 trillions from Museveni while Pastor Kakande sold to his followers a kilo of “holy” rice at 50,000\= before introducing a “holy” facebook post.

All this sounds “stupid” to non-followers but to Pastor Yiga believer’s these are real “holy tools against Satan” and every Sunday they give testimony to it.