Now Pastor KAYANJA claims to cure Aids/HIV!

Now, pastor Kayanja Claims to cure HIV

Pastor Kayanja with the girl he claims to have cured HIV

“This is a miracle. This young Girl was born HIV positive and yesterday when she came to the crusade she asked God for a miracle after praying for her and her care taker took her to the health center for blood test she was found HIV negative.

She came with her results to testify. This is our God”
This was a secondary testimony by pastor Kayanja himself to church follower
The AIDS scourge is reportedly increasing in Uganda besides the tremendous efforts by government. Yesterday UNAIDS re-launched a campaign to refresh the fight against HIV where the Kabaka of Buganda was chosen as a special ambassador in Africa.
But why have so many Ugandans including otherwise enlightened ones been taken for a ride and fallen prey to religious deception by pastors?
The answer lies in growing desperation and despondency amongst Ugandan’s who after loosing hope in government amidst many diseases, lack of medical services and poverty have resorted to seeking solace any where blindly 
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In 1989  a lady called Nanyonga in Ssembabule  claimed cure for HIV through soil. She

Nanyonga giving her wonder HIV/AIDS cure soil in 1989
Nanyonga giving her wonder HIV/AIDS cure soil in 1989

was described by government before stopping her activities as:

“The whole thing reeks of forgery and deception on a large scale. For what is in mere soil and water to cure AIDS? Nothing”
In 1996 Professor Arthur Obel, a Kenyan scientist claimed to have found the cure for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), through treatment with either of two drugs Kemron and Pearl Omega.
In Uganda internationally reputed medical consultant  Dr Charles Ssali (RIP)bhad people dash in droves to his Kamwokya storied house to buy his ‘wonder’ Mariandina drugs in late 90s and early 2000
In 2015 one Pastor Kwagala of Deliverance Power Center in Bbunga widely claimed cure for HIV and other ailments using an “anointed” Oil.


Available Stern Media warnings.

Government has also routinely warned people against people who exploit their tribulations by claiming to have healing powers over all sorts of ailments, and particularly, Aids/HIV. It has gone ahead to widely disseminated information, indicating the absence of drugs for HIV.

Media has widely publicized testimonies of HIV patients, conned by fraudsters pastors who pay them to “testify” in church how the pastor cured them of HIV/AIDS and even explain how they got fake results.

Besides all the warning, many shrewd pastors continue fooling desperate patients how they can cure the disease with only prayers  “anointed” oil or other “holy” concoctions and unfortunately people still go to them. This false hope has ended up escalating the virus further.

The still renown effective treatment for HIV are the ARVS, which are effective once taken as per doctors’ prescription and with proper dietary.


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