The international women’s one man’s day; A story of how Museveni has monopolized 8th March women’s day

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The international women’s one man’s day; a Story of how Museveni has monopolized 8th March women’s day.  18 women die in labor everyday as consistently millions are spent to mark this day

When Museveni came in power he found Uganda women commemorating their day with week long activities across the country and functions based at District level. When he became President he introduced what he termed as the National policy on women day celebration in which he barred women from holding any other function in the country apart from his on the 8th of March.

The policy now directs that “It would be more appropriate for all districts to celebrate the International Women’s Day any day after 8th March at least by end of April. This means that preparations for the day should start latest at the beginning of January.

An organizing committee should be established. It should be broad to embrace all the Actors in various sectors to include; the District leadership, women leaders, NGO’s, Civil Society Organizations, Private Sector, and Government Departments including Community Services, Education, Health, Agriculture etc. and Cultural Groups”

Museveni goes ahead to direct that he must clear guest to preside over District function its written in the policy thus, “Note that Identification of the guest of honor to preside over the district celebrations should be according to guidance given by Office of the President which is responsible for National Celebrations especially gazetted days.”

Since he came to power 31 years ago, Museveni has been the sole guest of honour on all women day celebrations.

Last Wednesday Mukono municipality MP,Betty Nambooze told parliament that women were fed up of having the same guest of honour each year something which greatly annoyed Deputy Prime minister Moses Ali who shouted off Nambooze,

“say you’re are fed up alone, don’t talk for our women, you opposition don’t respect the President, How can you say you are fed up with seeing the president”, The angry Moses Ali said.

He even went on to request the speaker to make Nambooze withdraw the statement. Nambooze refused to withdraw the statement and instead reinstated that its high time President considers giving the women’s day back to women.


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