Conspiracy: NRM bankrolls “Good DP” for a smear campaign against Buganda figures opposed to Museveni


Museveni has bankrolled with 500m Ushs a smear and character assasinating project after realizing that the opposition he  had vowed ” will be finished by 2021″ after paying off some of its top leaders is strongly re-emerging through a team of un-compressible personalities through a DP reform pressure group named code named “BAD” DP.

Museveni financed this project through a renown Kampala MP taking this as proper time to totally subdue the opposition.

An impeccable source leaked out the conspiracy after a closed meeting which sat at a hotel in Wakiso followed by another at parliament one week ago.

In the Wakiso meeting a dossier was unfolded in which the group plans to employ social, print and electronic media in equal measure to ensure that notable opposition figures totally opposed to Museveni including Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Betty Nambooze and Muwanga Kivumbi for the start. The  plan is to target tarnishing their character and personality

The Buganda DP President Nambooze is a self-declared leader of BAD DP which now appears to be the only team legitimately opposed to Museveni since the “Good” DP was prematurely exposed by Museveni and unfolding events have continued to expose each one of them.

Lubega Medard Sseggona, Matthias Mpuuga, Ssemujju Nganda, Kasibante Moses and others were also listed at a secondary phase of character assassination.The plan is to continuously engage them  until they are totally either subdued or pushed out of politics to leave room for Museveni’s “good DP” members.

The group, which is led by DP’s Fred Mukasa Mbidde working closely with a renown Kampala MP is said to have also linked up with Beti Kamya-Ham team which is equal disturbed by these politicians move to fight their forceful acquisition of Nakivubo stadium.

The SpearNews can exclusively reveal that the Wakiso meeting was preceded by another that sat in the DP chief whip’s Office at Parliament intending to concretize the plot. In this meeting as a media shut down strategy against “BAD” DP they discussed how to deal and fight off the Spearnews which they cited as a medium used by the “BAD” DP to awaken Ugandans through the cyber world.

It was at the parliament meeting that it was agreed to sow ground for propaganda that BAD DP want to sell DP to Besigye . Realizing that NAMBOOZE and LUKWAGO has no real bad record to show society they also agreed to Portray Besigye and FDC as bad as Museveni in character in their defence.

As part of a character assassination campaign and mudslinging a list of print, TV, radio stations, Radio callers, and cyber media activists was generated and assigned different roles for this task.

Among those enlisted Bukedde editors led  by one Geoffrey Kulubya who particularly were assigned to mudsling and character assassinate Nambooze.

The team has employed cyber ploys who are well financed to form and bombard social media platforms with as much hate and abusive posts particularly targeted at the character of the victims so as to subject them to the defensive or wash out their integrity in society.

This character assassination ploy has already been tested on Lukwago though it crushed miserably. A concorted Whatsup chat between Lukwago and Kamya was circulated in social media with a message intending to prove that Lukwago also was part of Parkyard fraud, city sharp members lambasted it until it was taken off air.

Then on Saturday the FM radio bit was launched at  CBS radio against  Nambooze. Launching a mudslinging campaign at Mengo was meant to give it credibility as it would have a Mengo link.  All this is part of the 500m deal.

“The ploy is to attack them on their parentage to diviate debate from Good DP versus BAD DP news and Bukedde will one of these days out a story alleging that” Nambooze is not her father’s daughter”,courtesy of hired editors.” revealed our credible source adding that  “With all state machinery to back them up they have invested considerable efforts in manipulating circumstances and staging scenarios with staged investigations and individuals” It was revealed.

“Ironically those who sold their integrity to the dictator are bitter and fight harder than even the regime itself”. He concluded

Mean time the GOOD DP leadership has continued to undermine DP party integrity through promotion of their NRM marriage of convenience, like inviting an NRM minister as guest of honor during a DP member memorial service and Museveni/Mao planned officiating at DP’s ancestral home in Bukomansimbi.. In their defense, the good DP team has often resorted to using state machineries to devalue true opposition politicians while playing victims instigating “tribal” sentiments or “party Unity” to cover up the rot.



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