Where is Katikiro J.B. Walusimbi?

BUGANDA KATIKIRO'S Missing in action is Eng Walusimbi
Missing in Action. Former katikiro J B Walusimbi

The death of the former two generation Kattikiro of Buganda Mayanja Nkangi brought out everyone in Buganda.

Only the Kabaka who is barred by culture was not around but he was properly represented by the Nnabagereka, princes and princess.
All the former Buganda Kattikiro and Ministers showed up especially at Namirembe cathedral on 8th March, at Lukiiko yesterday morning or in Parliament in the afternoon.
But one man conspicuously remained absent, the immediate past Kattikiro J.B Walusimbi.
Only three things can explain his absence; Either the former Kattikiro is sick and bedridden. He is out of the country. or He left Mengo so bitter that he cannot even associate with Buganda at functions including those to mourn the dead.
Incidentally JB Walusimbi unlike his colleagues hasn’t been attending Buganda functions since he left office.


  1. The Spear should do real serious investigation on Walusimbi’s relationship with the Kabaka, Mengo and Mayega since he ceased to be the katikiro.


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