D.P Kampala branch denounce Mao, demand his resignation

Mayanja Vicent Chairman DP Kampala.
The Democratic Party (DP) Kampala branch has denounced party president Norbert Mao and are calling for his resignation .
The pronouncement was made by the Kampala branch chairman Vicent Mayanja in a meeting today morning at Kampala District DP offices where the executive made a press release they gave to journalists.
The leaders of Kampala branch have accused party President Norbert Mao personalizing the party and using it for his selfish personal needs and his vice presidents MUKASA Mbidde’s benefit.
In a statement signed by DP’s Kampala district Chairman Vincent Mayanja the Kampala branch is demanding for Mao’s immediate exit from the Party Presidency as “the only gift he can give DP for the mismanagement he has dumped it into” Mayanja said adding that
“Now is time for him to handover the party to care takers and resign immediately” 
Vicent Mayanja and almost the entire DP Kampala leadership was so instrumental in bringing Mao into power as mobilisers and supporters.
This team has stood with Mao throughout his terms in office. Vicent Mayanja has ever served as DP’s Deputy Secretary general.
 “Mao is tired and he is off the parties tenets of TRUTH and JUSTICE as can be affirmed by things he has lately done, like, issuing recant decrees outside our party constitution and take them as party positions. He is working on Mbidde’s remote control who makes all party decisions” Mayanja told journalists at the Kampala District DP offices.
Talking about the Kikungwe reconciliation committee announced by Mao, Mayanja laughed it off as just a time wasting comic committee since the people listed for disciplinary action willingly left the party and made it public long ago.
“Mao only wanted to divert attention by pretending some action was being taken. “How can you summon Ssebagala a man who formed his party and even entered into an alliance with NRM? or besides incompetence what have he been waiting for” Mayanja asked as he laughed




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