Kisanja Hakuna Muchuuzi; Mumbere, Kanyamunyu, LC1 elections, Kaihura case, all Suffocated Under EALA?

Cartoon of the day

As we have been engrossed with EALA elections many important events have gone undercover many of us dont know what happened or where they ended as we enter this week

.Mumbere: Was he released or under house arrest

Kanyamunyu and company, are they still in Luzira or they walked free?

LC1 elections: Many people campaigned and were originally set for Feb 15th  the last i and you heard of was when the bill wasnt assented to or gazzeted, what happened?

Kaihura. He was supposed to be indited after courts ruled that all orders presided over by justice Kavuma were illegal. He is supposed to on fresh court charges and the warrant of arrest must be reinstated. How far is this?



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