MP’s death in a taxi accident is a wake-up call to politicians, none is safe under a rotten system

Toroma county MP Cyrus Amodoi
Toroma county MP Cyrus Amodois body lying in a pool of blood at Kawolo hospital!

This is the body of Toroma county MP Cyrus Amodoi lying in a pool of blood on Kawolo hospital floor. It shouts a big lesson to politicians and all policy administrators none is safe under a rotten system. NONE IS SAFE IN A SINKING BOAT.

READ: Toroma county MP Cyrus Amodoi dies in Lugazi taxi accident

It has become a habit to airlift sick MPs and government officials and dead bodies to Kampala for treatment.

The regime ensures that hospitals like Kololo hospital, Kampala International etc are fully equipped because it’s where they rush their relatives and close friends to in case of accidents or any sickness.

Our legislators have a very expensive medical insurance cover and set amount to cater for their funeral on top of high salaries and allowences

Today MP Wamanga Wamai asked parliament to pass a resolution to the effects that MPs travel allowances are paid in dollars! But as pay rise and demand for respect goes on in parliament, lessons are coming out to say none is safe under a rotten system and none is safe in a sinking boat. There is need to work together and clean the rotten systems in the country brought by Museveni’s regime.

All Uganda’s systems are rotten country wide: health, education, transport, infrastructure administration etc.

The late MP shouldn’t be blamed for using a transport system 85% of Ugandans use, blame is on the entire rotten regime that has destroyed all systems in Uganda.

Death of this MP should be an eye opener, there are chances that anything can happen to anyone anywhere but in event nothing beats an organised local system in your own country. 

Its unethical publishing such a photo, but its an important reminder of what is going on in our communities above and below. actually it is the perfect representation of our country rotten system

When you visit Kawolo hospital you just can’t believe what you see. The hospital is in a critically bad situation and so are all government hospitals and health services.

A teary Dorothy Mpiima former Woman MP for Buikwe told SPEARNEWS;

“The way I suffered with Kawolo Hospital!!! I used to remind people that we are all potential causalities as MPs and pleaded for the upgrading of Kawolo Hospital with Hon Dr Luulume Bayiga and Hon Ssali Baker. But when we left Parliament, it’s priority status was accorded elsewhere.

I’m so saddened.” The fatal accident has attracted several reactions from people and local leaders especially those of Njeru Division where the accident occurred. “We should all agree that we are ignoring the root causes of these accidents in Uganda.

Meanwhile, Parliament is set to honor the fallen legislator on Friday. The late Amodoi will lay in state for public viewing at Parliament on Friday morning, before the special sitting of the House later the same day on Friday.

On Saturday, the Katakwi district council will honor him before burial on Sunday 19th March 2017 in Magoro sub-couny, Toroma County in Katakwi district.

May the soul of this MP rest in peace.



Toroma county MP Cyrus Amodoi dies in Lugazi taxi accident


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