MPs Nsereko and Kato Lubwama bed Stella Nyanzi, people caution her to trend carefully with the two

Kato Lubwama Nsereko with Dr Stella Nyanzi. Society cautions the Dr about the relationship
MPs Kato and Nsereko link up with Stella Nnyanzi as her social media fans caution her to trend with the 2 very carefully. 
Hon. Muhammad Nsereko and Hon. Kato Lubwama are the only two male members of parliament who have joined Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakireke in supporting the citizens’ movement aimed at providing free sanitary pads to poor rural girls in Uganda.
After a cosy and cordial meeting with members of the Working Group of #Pads4GirlsUg, Hon. Muhammad Nsereko contributed One Million Uganda Shillings towards our work of getting re-usable and disposable pads to Uganda’s under-privileged girls. This cash contribution was given to us on behalf of the Equal Opportunities Committee in Parliament.
Hon. Kato Lubwama was amazing because he quickly forgave me for mocking him on Facebook about his court woes regarding his education qualifications for the role of legislator. As a dramatist, he clearly understood and commended me for my powerful use of the literary devise of satire, even to ridicule his ascent into our house of parliament.
In a sweet and gentle voice, Hon. Kato Lubwama discerned that I have the Kiganda spirits of Mukasa – the deity of twin births, and Kaseegu – the deity of bold words. We laughed at his witty jokes. I admired both his beautiful big eyes and his very solid solido.
He loved my praise! As Nalongo – mother of twins, it was a delight to learn that both these legislators are my sons. While Kato is obviously a younger twin son, Muhammad Nsereko whose twin name is Kigongo, precedes a set of twins.
Thus, I can neither profane in their presence nor solicit for sex from these two powerful men. I was so excited to receive the good-natured forgiveness of Kato, as well as the generous monetary contribution of Kigongo that I gave each of my new-found sons the biggest motherly kisses! Kato Lubwama and Kigongo Muhammad Nsereko are the only two men with big charged balls in our house of parliament. God bless them for contributing  pads to Uganda’s poor girls!”
However some of Stella’s fans didn’t welcome the two  MPs with open hands as they continued to doubt their mission,
One Nsonga Gastone posted back, “I sincerely think they are planning something bigger and political than your campaign. I have no doubt with Nsereko`s back end moves, You are soon meeting Mpenkooni”
 However other welcomed the MPs as Ameria Kamusuguti posyed, “Ooooooh Stella Nyanzi we are taking our country back. Pads4gals# Honorebels senki you for being rebels, you are welcome to our team. Kindly tell others that we need them to join our very noble cause. Amen.”


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