Reasons behind the honorable MPs commuter taxi death

The Lugazi accident that claimed the MPs life. Inset is his photo
The rotten government system takes blame for death of Hon MP from Katakwi. Factors leading to his death stem from a system that tries to create individuals richer than society they leave in while destroying all services to people. The countries decayed health, education, social, economic, transport and administrative systems combined to set the country in tears. 


After government creating many political districts it can’t maintain economically onus was pushed to this lenient MP to save his home area.

Katakwi District is one of the district with a lot of funding gaps and can’t afford to buy cars for its officials. The District was preparing for the International Women’s day celebrations scheduled Friday but the entire administration has no vehicle to help in the organisation.

To fill this gap the late MP gave in his vehicle and driver to help in organisation and decided to travel with other district officials  by taxi

Many people on social media rushed out to condemn the dead MP as having “ate” his Parliamentary car money and was now using taxis for transport. Whereas its “unhonourable” for an MP to travel by taxi that’s the system about 85% of Ugandans use. The blame is on decaying regime systems which include transport.

The selfless act done by the deceased MP represents how a unsafe government system affects everyone  rich or poor in a long run.

Meanwhile grief stricken MPs wallow in corridors of Parliament because of the death of their colleague. They are particularly saddened by the fact that Ugandans of all walks have taken to  social media to celebrate ,mock and post all sorts of things about their dead colleague.
Saddening is that Parliament has this afternoon had to hire a funeral vehicle to fetch the body of the deceased from Kawolo hospital to Mulago because Kawolo has no capacity to treat a dead body.
Parliament has been told by MP A. Okupa that the hospital has no facility to keep even one dead body.
Parliament will convene on Friday to eulogies the deceased MP and there after go for recess.
The MPs death in brief says one fact, none is safe in a sinking boat.


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