Jumu’ah Mubarak: Alhamdulilahi Muslim Friday Prayer Wishes

Friday Juma Prayer message

Sheikh Kayiwa Abubaker

Today Is Friday.
To All Brethren In The Faith Of Abraham, Ghusl Is Recommended, Recite Surat Kahf,
Go To Jumat Mosque Early, Keep Mute Throughout The Course Of Khutbah, Supplicate More After Solat Asr. May The Most High Accept your Ibadah.
Many Happy Returns Of Jummah.

Another Friday, the Master of all days has come again.
The Most Sacred Day With Countless Blessings and Mercies of Allah.
May Allah Shower His Countless Blessings On You and Your Family on This Holy Day.
May Allah reward you abundantly.
Jumma Mubarak.

But for him who fears the standing . . .

But for him who fears the standing before his Lord, there will be two gardens(ie in paradise)
then which of the favours of your Lord will you both deny.
we Allah, The Merciful, make yous one of the inheritors of the paradise. Amin.
Happy jumat……
!how was your night?

Another special Day:- where Piety is demanded, Barakah.

Another special Day:-
where Piety is demanded,
Barakah is supplied,
Reward is negotiated,
Paradise is a deal,
Iman nd Taqwa are checked.
Jumatul Mufeedah!

Our Lord! Make us not a trial . . .

Our Lord!
Make yous not a trial for d disbelievers,
and forgive yous, Our Lord!
Verily, You, only You are the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.(Q60:5).
Ramadan/Jumat Kareem

Oh Allah ..
Open for me the doors to everything good ..
And the doors to peace and security,
And the doors to health and wellness,
And the doors to YOUR blessings,
And the doors of YOUR barakah,
And the doors to strength and perseverance,
And the doors to love and care,
And the doors to YOUR mercy,
And the doors to YOUR sustenance,
And the doors to knowledge,
And the doors to YOUR forgiveness,
And the doors to JANNAH !
Jummah Mubarak

Today is Yaomu Jumat…
May Allah Subhnahanu Watahalah accept all our Ibadah
and grant yous our desires.

Salam, SHABAN is here again

Salam, SHABAN is here again,
d month in which mercy is showered down,
deeds raised up & which delivers us into the month of decree,RAMADAN.
Avail yourself the opportunity of FASTING in this month,
bcos dat is what d PROPHET USED TO DO.

The Prophet (SAW) said, ‘He who performs . . .

The Prophet (SAW) said,
‘He who performs salat has constructed the building of his faith.
He who does not perform salat has demolished his faith. Salat is the miracle of the Believer.
So hold on 2 your salat jealously.
Jumat Mubarak


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