Abomination: Museveni leaves Kaweesi’s body in compound and go farming!

African taboo and an abomination. Museveni leaves dead Kaweesi in compound, go farming

In African setting its abominable for a person who has lost a relative, friend or even a village mate to go digging before or even a few days after that person is buried

It was a great abominable surprise to the people of Kawumu village in Luweero to see President Museveni personally go digging at the State house farm of Kawumu as the body of his loyal Policeman Felix Kaweesi was laying in Lubaga cathedral for a requiem mass.

Mr. Museveni who personally participated in the digging was making a follow up on his plastic bottle irrigation project for Luweero [Days after launching tractors and solar spray pumps in Mbarara]. A plantation of banana in early stage is doing quite well although observers say that you can’t attribute this to bottle irrigation since it has been raining across the country.

Many people especially the old have faulted Mr.Museveni for this act that depicted him his heartlessness. “It’s obviously a taboo and its quite sad that the presidential advisers are failing on their job” said one concerned lady.

If you have no respect for this cultural taboo then “Really Mr.President,look here; we’re paying you our salaries to protect lives and property, we want to know who is killing Ugandans and why, not mulching demonstrations, that the your many ministers of agriculture or vice president or army agriculture officials can do!” Said Andrew Irumba.


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