Drums of change; Calls for power transition as Simeo Nsubuga plots NRM-Kyankwanzi constitutional age limit assault

Ugandans call for power transition from Museveni as NRM MPs selfishly plan to defile constitution
When Odrek Rwabwogo started outing his so called ideological articles indirectly bashing his father in law, many Ugandans dismissed him. However Rwabwogo consistently went on with his missives until he touched the most sensitive topic; succession.
To Rwabwogo the call is not for Museveni to retire but to prepare for a transition by naming a successor. This if adopted by Museveni would qualify Uganda for a Presidential monarchy.
Whatever the intentions of Rwabwogo, he has tickled Ugandans the wrong way and all of a sudden the voices demanding that Museveni steps down once he Officially turns 75years have resurrected.
With reports of NRM MPs drafting a constitutional amendment bill to scrap the age limit various political actors are gearing up for a showdown with the regime over this particular constitutional amendment.
Mr.Museveni has always been verge about his age choosing to say that his parents were illiterates who couldn’t tell the date of their children’s birth. All along he has been claiming to have been born “around the time,the first world war fighter were returning home”.
However the National Identity registration exercise which Museveni had to launch public ally made him give himself a birthday of 15th of September 1944. Going by this date for which Museveni swore that he was making a true declaration, Mr.Museveni is now 73years and will be 75 in the next two years.
If the constitution remains unchanged which is unlikely, Mr.Museveni will not be eligible for standing as a Presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections.
Already War drums are being sounded to mobilise people to resist the changing of the constitution.
A group of activists known as Popular resistance against life Presidency last week released an announcement thus; “All members of Popular Resistance Against Life Presidency, Friends and well wishers of DEMOCRACY & RULE OF LAW the bell has gone!
It’s alleged that the enemies of Democracy through Hon. Nsubuga Simeo have started mobilizing to amend the constitution in a bid to remove age limits!
As for Ugandans:
1. Get ready for action.
2. Start resources mobilization.
3. Prepare to go to heaven.
4. Watch this space for further communication.


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