Exclusive: Government to investigate murdered Felix Kaweesi over why opposition is mourning his death

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago laying a wreath on Kaweesi's coffin. To the State agents opinion he would have been somewhere celebrating!

Government has instituted an investigation committee to investigate the relationship that has been existing between the late Felix Kaweesi and a number of opposition politicians and the opposition in general. This has come after the opposition unexpectedly acted so saddened and crest fallen by his assassination.

The committee is headed by a former head of Uganda Police’s professional standards unit. The Spear team can exclusively reveal

The committee is tasked with a duty to Examine speeches, social media posts by all opposition figures and Kaweesi’s conduct during arrest for clues.

The committee is to further investigate and link this action to leakage of secretly planned police actions to opposition and press.

This committee is also tasked to find out [if true] whether there are other police officers in the forces conniving with opposition, leaking information and dont “whole heartedly”  implement ruthless orders from above. its given one week to present a full report.

The Spear has also learnt that the Opposition politician presence at Kaweesi’s burial is going to be underplayed by the now coached masters of ceremony so that they don’t appear so prominent as they were at the vigil and Rubaga requiem mass.

Assistant Inspector General of Police Felix Kaweesi, along with driver Godfrey Mambewa and bodyguard Kenneth Erau, were killed in cold blood on Friday morning just 100 meters from his home in Kulambiro by gunmen traveling on motorcycles.

“Police and all state agents are still mesmerized by the move taken by the opposition who in unison have featured prominently at Kaweesi’s send off functions organised so far.

This reaction took the police totally unaware as they expected a total back-rash scorn,mockery and condemnation to the dead given the nature of his assignment in the city. “We expected them to behave in a similar way as they reacted during Agaba’s death” Said one police officer Spear talked to.

In a surprise civil move Col. Kizza Besigye,Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Amama Mbabazi, Norbert Mao ,Miria Matembe, Muwanga Kivumbi and Betty Nambooze Bakireke among others publicly mourned the man whom the regime thought was their enemy.

As commander of Kampala metropolitan police Kaweesi commanded the ruthless walk to work demonstration crack down and also as a Spokesperson he has been defending Government positions on various things including the Kasese murders that greatly hurt the opposition.

“What is troubling the regime is that opposition acted and pronounced it that Kaweesi was their friend, there is now suspicion that was working with them which cant go unchallenged”. Said an insider who requested anonymity,

Asked what if that is proved wrong, he said:

“In case that is ruled out by the investigating team then we will know that the opposition outsmarted the regime and their satirical praises were meant to demonized living police Officers”


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