In the trails of Justice, Journalists Stanley Ndawula’s late Kaweesi murder fair-tale trail

Kaweesi;s body airlifted to burial grounds

Wamala, a leading Kampala-based businessman, was found beheaded in his home in Mutungo, a Kampala suburb, on February 3, 2012. Also found dead was his house help, Sadiq Mugerwa.Just when the Wamala case was beginning to make progress, Hassim Ssali, a key suspect, mysteriously dies in a police cell. Hassim Ssali, a painter who did the surveillance for the killers was the make or break of the case but he mysteriously died in a police cell after recording a statement confessing knowledge of the details murder.

He was found lying lifeless, with a sleeve of his jacket tied around his neck at Bukasa Police Post. Hours after he was booked into the cell, three former detainees who testified at the three-month long Makindye Magistrate court inquest said two police officers gave them food, water and soda.They slept until sunrise only to wake up to the shock of one of them hanging.

Police and a medical doctor concluded he committed suicide but the family of the late Wamala contested this account. Wamala family pointed to the now deceased AIGP Kaweesi as having had a hand in this Hollywood kind of story.

Journalists Stanley Ndawula also spokesman of Obwakamusagwa bw’ekooki joined the family to pursue justice for the family in a long walk that took them to Mr. Museveni. In a Facebook post today Ndawula reveals how him and Wamala’s relatives are being held as suspects in the assassination of Felix Kaweesi;

Today morning, I pondered on going to Rubaga for the requiem service but I decided to watch the proceedings on NBS and later go to just show face and empathy.

At about midday, I received a call from a knowledgeable security officer and interviewed me briefly whether I knew of the arrested alleged suspect from Ssembabule. I said I know him by name. He’s a police officer who helped in apprehending the prime witness in Wamala murder, the same killed in police cells two days later. I don’t know him by face.

“Well, Owek. I beg you excuse yourself from vicinity for some time. They believe you know something about the Friday murders and ur being trailed,” he advised.

From that call, I have received five more to the same effect. As a human, I heeded to the calls and stayed home from where I could be picked ‘safely.’ And Oh yes I’m still waiting. My concern though is my phone numbers are known to all police officers that would need me in regard to such fake allegations. Why permit ‘goons’ of Nixon Agasirwe’s hit squad to trail me!? Simply call me, summon and I will show up. Why do u want to drag me to safe houses!!!?

Well, if u want to connect Eliza Wamala to the murder and u believe I can be of any help, mukite. Reason? Gen. Kale Kayihura, DPP Michael Chibita and Wamala case I. O William Okalany were summoned by the President on Thursday and he grilled them about why they intentionally failed to bring the Wamala murder case to the logical conclusion even when the evidence was glaring. He was so bitter because he himself had promised Eliza that she should return to London and let him handle the case on her behalf.

The President had just received a reminder from Eliza which we ran on . He gave them only one week for the case to be ready for court. On Friday, Gen. Kayihura called for a meeting to handle the matter in which, his Assistant Andrew Felix Kaweesi (RIP) was implicated, only the meeting to be cancelled by the call announcing the latter’s murder.

How then could Elizabeth, who have not only the President’s confidence, trust and security but representation get interested in terminating Kaweesi who she all along wanted to face justice in person.

She went back to London on President’s advice. “Do you trust me,” asked the President. “Mr. President, it’s because I trust you that I am before you,” she replied and the first citizen’s answer was, “Then go back to London and let me personally handle your case…” the rest, we shall post on Investigator.

Actually the President was so right yesterday and his speech was about your vague style of handling cases. How can a man who arrested a suspect far away in Ssembabule, sent him to u in Kampala and stayed sipping on his malwa be a suspect in a case of murdering a suspect he sent you…? Mulimba mwonoonye nnyo eggwanga.

When he talked of the Rakai case, he was not referring to Rwalataaka No, It’s Gen. Kayihura who mentioned the name. The President was referring to Mujulizi who killed the Rakai people and a President’s personal friend in Sanga. Mujulizi was later aided to escape from police cells and is now believed to be in Tanzania, kati mwagala kusaddaaka Rwakataaka? Nedda ssebo mbeesiriikiridde ekimala. Munveeko, munzite oba twabike.

These are some of the issues I was going to raise on Bukedde TV tonight but I have cancelled my appearence because I don’t speak when angry ????. Ah! Well, summon me via 0772621522 or 0701120000 instead of trailing me. If you want me physically, that’s how I’m dressed today.


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