Dr. Stella Nnyanzi to sue the state over travel ban

Dr Stella Nyanzi prepares for a return to Luzira

Stella Nyanzi Outlined 7 concerns over which she considers suing government

1) Why did Immigration Officers at Entebbe International Airport ban me from travelling to the University of Amsterdam yet I had a lawful Schengen visa from the Dutch Embassy, my boarding passes from Kenya Airways, hotel accommodation and academic work to do?

2) Why did Immigration Officers confiscate both my passport and boarding passes, summon armed police officers to guard and then later escort me out of the airport as if I am a criminal?

3) Why is my name on the “No Fly List” yet I have neither court order nor pending summons against me?

4) Why was I ordered to go to CID for clearance for cross-border travel yet I have neither summons nor orders to routinely reporting to CID?

5) Why do evil agents of this rogue regime violate a whole bundle of my constitutional rights, civil liberties and freedoms?

6) Why was Afande Kayima incessantly calling me (seven hours after my flight departed) with impractical instructions to rush back to the airport, get onto the next plane, and go to Amsterdam as if international travel happens just fwaaa like taking another bodaboda bike to Katigondo when one misses a preceeding one?

7) Who bewitched Uganda’s state agents? I have given the concerned state actors legal notice. If the travel ban against me is neither explained nor lifted in writing by Friday of this week, I am suing the bumbling bullies raping my constitutional rights in my own country. I refuse to be reduced to a prisoner in my homeland!