Stella Nyanzi writes a “will” after insulting Janet Museveni

Stella Nyanzi on her knees after death threat
Dr Stella Nyanzi yesterday wrote an article on her facebook wall that so scotched Janet Museveni and exposed all her vices. Hours after publishing it she got death threats which she responded to as thus:
PART ONE: THE PHONE-CALL “That woman is much more dangerous than her husband, the leopard.
She has commissioned your murderers to kill you and leave no trace of your body for your family to mourn over or bury. Be very careful because it is now too late to escape her ruthlessness,” the voice at the other of my telephone said breathily.
“But why commission my murder?” I asked. “She does not want to be criticised or challenged. She believes she is holy and untouchable. She kills off anyone who criticises her in public,” the voice spoke urgently.
“Then she is a coward. Cowards kill off their opponents. We warriors fight to the death in defense of our honour,” I said. “Her husband can debate with you, engage you, if you criticise him. But her, she just kills. I am warning you because I believe in what you say,” the voice breathed into my earpiece. And then the call was dropped.
PART TWO: THE FELLOWSHIP We met to pray for Uganda and read the word of God, as we do every last Wednesday of each month. Twelve middle-class women working in the government, corporate world, and private companies.
My prayer-partners cautioned me about being careful not to eat or drink in public in case I get poisoned by Musevenists trying to win favour before the wife. They told me gory details about Nebanda.
They laid hands on my head and prayed God’s protection over me.
PART THREE: THE JOURNALISTS “Be very wise and careful. The minister of state for ethics and integrity in the president’s office has just told journalists that he is going to arrest and detain you because you wrote bitterly about Janet Museveni,” the Facebook message read. “
Did I write anything untrue? I wrote the bitter truth. If she wants me to write sweetly about her, she should be sweet,” I messaged back. “Thing is, when minister Lokodo arrests you on behalf of Janet, you will be injected with slow-killing poison. The state bought new poisons that are untraceable when administered in the blood stream. They will poison you,” the messenger replied.
“Then I should try hard not to get arrested by Lokodo,” I messaged back. A few hours later, a friend shared with me a link to an online tabloid reporting that Minister Lokodo has sworn to arrest me. If I get arrested and detained, please remember that credible sources have warned me about my murderers being commissioned by the leopardess.
If the murderers kill me, please recite poetry at my vigil instead of praying for me.


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