Sportsman Denis Mbidde emerges on the political Scene, exposes Mao-Mbidde NRM tactics

Denis Mbidde emerges on the political Scene displays Mao-Mbidde NRM tactic
Denis Mbidde emerges on the political Scene displays Mao-Mbidde NRM tactic

Denis Mbidde the renown sports personnel popular in FUFA and Soccer club Villa management has recently emerged as new political kid on the block. 

He made a bold entry into the political world by brokering a meeting between Nambooze and Mao-Mbidde camps before the foiled Nsambya meeting. Although the meeting didn’t yield as wished it gave him chance to listen to both sides and he made a political conclusion.

From the meeting and the ongoing political events in DP, Denis Mbidde has today outed his view in which he cautions Ugandans about “diversionary” politics which is typical of NRM and its cronies intended to take you off issues to a person. We reproduce it here below;

Sometimes wen serious issues are raised I see members becoming personal or jumping into the persona of others. It’s a well trained and ingrained NRM guerilla tactic system called diversion not least to say that the nrm people are not entirely that brainy.

Now the person raising the issues normally has options defend his person against normally worthless characters or stick to the issues raised. Most will be shocked and try to defend their person thus losing the issues , some will try to do both still taking away something from the way they are raising the issues. Few if any just insist on issues raised.

Those people in our Ugandan society are normally called stubborn, controversial or with inherent character. But the danger is in the recipients of the message who normally fall for the diversionary tactics by trying to judge between the persona and the person carrying the message.

By trying to compare and marry the two, they get lost in there trying to figure out whats going on not knowing that it’s a diversionary tactic intended to trivialize serious issues. Have yuo heard nonsense like Museveni and Besigye are fighting over a woman. Now we also know that the movement guys are not that brainy. Stella Nyanzi has shown us that.

But then again 5 or more years in the Bush will definitely take away some brain power but also the movementists brains are in their stomachs most of them. So next time as we are discussing topical club issues try to analize the trends and the intellectual range of some members submissions and the intention especially wen members are discussing serious issues.

But then again it takes witt and guttso plus a brain to survive in opposition.

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