The motive behind the assassination of AIGP Felix Kaweesi


What was behind Kaweesi’s murder? What was the motive behind the gruesome murder of former Police spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi? If the killers’ motive was to instill fear and panic into the security organs of Uganda, they have definitely achieved their goals!!

From the day Kaweesi was murdered, every police officer, army officers, Ministers, even these small MPs are living in fear. This is high level cowardness! Now I see patrol cars escorting Police Officers as if they are escorting Barrack Obama. Even weapons that are entirely a reserve for war are now mounted on double cabin pick ups. Some of them have even acquired armoured cars! I pity you, if I was part of you, I would have invested time and money in intelligence services. Intelligence is the core unit of any security organization and agency.

Even if you have two patrols escorting you, it won’t stop a professional murderer to finish you off and every time you have a lead car with a siren, You are simply alerting your enemies that you are on the way coming. Who tells you that an armoured or bullet proof car can’t be hit? If security operatives are in panic mood, how about those you are paid to protect?

The President said that the police is infiltrated by wrong elements, is anyone safe? I have read many books to do with the military. No person in Uganda is safe from assassins if they are serious!! This business of mounting war machines on pickups is a sign of coward ness and scares away potential investors. No investor will invest in Uganda as long as top government officials move on the streets of Kampala like warlords.

The other day I heard the leader of Opposition Winnie Kiza saying that the Government should beef up security for MPs because they are targeted by murderers! When streets are flooded with security operatives armed to teeth, it sends panic to civilians and potential investors.

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