The New Destructive Uganda


By Hon.Nambooze

Last year a group of graduate youths from my constituency approached me with a proposal to start an online media house named the Metropolitan online media house. Their plan was detailed and included an online radio, Television and shops.

Some were IT graduates and others journalists and literature who had heed to the Government’s call to be job creators. They wanted a creditable person who would stand publicly with them to give their brand credibility since given the terrain its hard for online publications to be trusted. I took their project studied it while on a trip to Tanzania and returned convinced that this was a project worthy supporting, especially as it was to offer jobs to my people.

I also suggested to them that they change the name to Spear. The youth therefore went to work, shaking the online news field like never before. Within a week they had been ranked as number 6745.Tireless the group worked and in one month obtained google ads.
In four months the site hit the list of the most visited sites in Uganda only next to chimps, monitor, observer and new vision.

Plans have been underway to ship in radio and TV equipments for their online stations to blast off by the end of this year.
Last night however the site was brought down almost shattering the dream of fourteen young men and women.

A few days ago the site run a story after the invasion of the observer offices that they had information that one Ugandan good DP politician had vowed to bring it down.
Anyway some evil people switched off their server after introducing new codes in the system. Now Uganda, you can’t give our people job, still you destroy even the few they have created!!


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