Arrest of Kabafunzaki: At this rate Museveni will have no Minister by December


In a matter of days a minister, magistrate and two finance ministry officials have been netted while allegedly taking bribes. This comes after Mr. Museveni publically came out to declare “Kisanja hakuna muchezo” on the corrupt government officials.

One Spear Reader bets that If President Museveni has now assented to a plan to deal with the corrupt without favor and if there is going to be universality of the law, then he won’t have a cabinet by the end of this year. Equally the country’s courts of law will be out recruiting since many judges and magistrates will be in Luzira prison serving sentences.

Most probably many government department will be on a stand still as most of the officers will be on interdiction as they face trial for corruption. theSpeaReader Kiconco Katabaazi states;

Minister’s arrest what other Ministers need to know 

It was sad that the Minister and my area MP was arrested in the manner he was and I extend my sympathy to his family. In the meantime I think it is prudent that our Ministers and other public officers take lessons from this.

They can be helped by first of all understanding the political and legal framework they work in . For example the Minister has been widely captured by the Press doing inspections for work places and intervening in labor disputes and in my view that was the starting point of this conundrum.

1.According to the Employment Act it is the Commissioner for Labour mandated to Implement the Act .

2.The Minister’s role in Employment Act is supervisory and policy. The Definition of a Minister doesn’t  extend to the Minister of State unless expressly stated and for the purposes of Labor matters it is The Minister of Gender Labor and Social Development who is politically responsible with supervisory function unless expressly delegated to the Minister of state on case by case basis.

3.Sexual harassment is both a labour and criminal issue .This according to the law is handled by the Labour officer and Police where it applies respectively.

4.Inspection of work places and closure can only be made by a labor officer under the written approval of the Commissioner for Labour. Inspection of the workplaces under the Occupation Safety and Health Act is a preserve of the Commissioner for Occupational Safety and Health and his appointed officers .No one in Uganda can have any authority to inspect,license,close or deal with any matter to do with a work place without the involvement of the technical officers mandated by the law. My advice to Ministers as away for them to be shielded from compromising situations : 1.Read the law that relates to your assignment. 2,Involve relevant technical officers in your work. 3.Avoid non policy/supervisory matters . 4.Respect authorities mandated to handle matters in their docked

5.Always consult If this can not be adhered to and if President Museveni approved this arrest with intentions of doing so to others, by Christmas time we will not have cabinet . In the mean time I urge police to treat our MP with respect and together with courts handle the matter not only with care but also ensure that justice is served .The truth will definitely come out.The police is urged not to relent on the sexual harassment claims too.


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