Is Bobi Wine’s contribution not worthy 1/2 acre of land?

Ugandan Musician Bobi Wine. The Kabaka is always right it's the people he designates to do his work who do it wrongly to hurt his people with intention of making us hate him which we can't do.

Omubanda wa’Kabaka.
Mengo must come out officially and explain what led to the catarpillar grading of Bobi Wine’s Busabala one Love Beach driveway. If this is not just out of envy, why would a person of sound mind come and destroy a drive way which serves both the proprietor and his neighborhood? I know land is valuable but Bobi Wine’s contribution to Buganda is worth that small piece of land(if at all he didn’t buy it).

When we read history, we see Sekabakas giving away chunks and chunks of land to loyal servants in appreciation of their services to the kingdom. People like Nsibambi, Ham Mukasa, Nagenda, Appollo Kaggwa, Nelson Edmond Nkalubo Sebugwawo, Walusimbi Mpanga, Mulira, Kulubya, Stanislaus Mugwanya, Kisosonkole etc all benefited from their loyalty to the kingdom. Dont tell me land was worthless then, land has always had value. Now when I see Bobi Wine’s drive way destroyed just because of non payment or anything else(whatever the reason), my heart sinks.

Despite the follow out with Buganda land board Bobi Wine maintained his loyalty to the Kingdom here he is seen with Catherine Kusasira at Kabaka’s run this morning.

The Katikiiro himself paid a courtesy visit and planted a tree in the same place, that was a sign of closeness to the Kingdom, why was it difficult for the land board to involve him to come to an amicable solution. We must stop running to people when we want to use them and shun away when they are caught at the wrong hand of the law. Bobi Wine’s issue could have been avoided through mutual understanding. You must look at the followers a person has before engaging him and weigh your actions in reference to the possible results arising from your action. Bobi is very insipirational to ghetto youths; a very hard working youngman whom Mengo should use as a role model in their campaign towards empowering youths to work.

Actually,the land in question doesn’t have any permanent structure but a beautified drive way for God’s sake, why would you be mean to that extent?


My question is; If we go by our previous Sekabaka’s way of appreciation, Is Bobi Wine’s contribution to Buganda not worth ½ an acre of land? If yes, why this?

Njagala nyo Obuganda naye bwendaba abaganda abatulugunya baganda banabwe ku ttaka lya Buganda omutima gwange gwenyika.
Wadde ebyo byonna biribityo, Sabasajja awangaale



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