Rotary where you the Judas Escariot who betrayed Stella Nyanzi?

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On 30th March 2017, Stella Nyanzi and the #Pads4GirlsUg Publicist met with a representative of Rotary Club of Kampala Metropolitan. They discussed a partnership in which the said club would help #Pads4GirlsUg raise more sanitary towels to be given to underprivileged school girls in Uganda. Stella was informed that the club had a similar campaign dubbed, “ A million Pads, A million Girls” and seeing an opportunity to reach more girls even faster, she agreed to the partnership.

She was also requested to give a talk during their fellowships, which she agreed to Fast forward, on 7thApril 2017, exactly one month after the launch of the campaign, Dr Nyanzi attended the Rotary Fellowship she had been invited to address; she adhered to the house rules and did not use any profanities or address any political issues during the talk which was themed ‘Menstruation, Girl Child Education and Development; The Sustainability Question in Uganda’.

Having realised that the venue of the fellowship (Mackinnon suites) was surrounded by intelligence operatives, Dr Nyanzi was sneaked out through a back route and taken to a different location by one Mahad Mutebi, the Rotarian who had approached Stella and her team.

The Campaign’s Legal Coordinators and Publicity Chair also used a back route to a nearby hotel where they expected to meet Dr Nyanzi and find their way back to their respective homes. Whilst waiting for her arrival, they (the Legal Coordinators and Publicity chair) received a phone call that confirmed Dr Nyanzi’s disappearance. They were informed that the car in which she had been, had been found with the door wide open and the occupant (Stella) had been taken by eight men, three of whom had pistols-
the said eight men were allegedly travelling in three black cars. Dr Nyanzi is said to have been carried out of the car and bundled up into the back of one of the vehicles that the intelligence operatives were using.

Stella Nyanzi during her pads campaign

Mahad Mutebi, the last person to have seen Stella before her arrest bluntly refused to go to police with the rest of Stella’s team to record a statement the very night she was taken. He has also been elusive and refuses to meet with the team even though they have on more than five occasions reached out to
him. The Rotary Club of Kampala Metropolitan has not issued a statement and didn’t even raise a concern about the unfortunate disappearance of their guest speaker. They have not even reached out to find out how Stella is doing or how her children are faring; and they say theirs is service above self?

A number of questions have been raised and since they refuse to take a meeting, we will ask the questions here
1. Why is Rotary silent yet they were very vocal in publicising Stella’s guest appearance?
2. What is Rotary’s position on Mahad Mutebi walking Stella out while the session was still going on? (Could this have been a trap)
3. Why have they remained silent since Stella was taken?
4. What support has Rotary extended to Stella’s children and family since her disappearance?
5. Why have they refused to meet Stella’s campaign team or even hand over the money that was generously given by the citizens of Uganda that very evening?
6. Is there anything Rotary Club of Kampala Metropolitan wishes they had done differently that evening?
7. Were you the JUDAS ISCARIOTS?


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