Salaam Musumba admits travelling with arrows to “sort out” criminals.


Police in Kamuli has arrested opposition candidate Salaam Musumba soon after she casted her vote. Police later searched her car where they recovered a set of bow and arrows plus two knives.

Salaam Musumba who is being held at Kamuli police station has recorded a statement where she admitted carrying the said “weapons”. She said that, “I’m following the President’s directive. I wanted to sort out criminals who might follow me ,” Salaamu Musumba on bows and arrows, knives and sodium peroxide found in her car.

The bows and knives found in Musumba’s car

For the Knives in the car, Musumba said she uses them to cut fruits she buys on the way.
Police hasn’t indicated yet how they intend to deal with Salaam Musumba.


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