Senior Baganda delegation meets Bobi Wine, get to an understanding

Bobi Wine after meeting Buganda officials

A team of three senior and prominent Baganda politicians also Mengo loyalists met musician Bobi Wine Thursday immediately after the Kabaka’s birthday ceremonies in Buloba.

In a  three hour’s meeeting that took place at Lavanda hotel Lugala an amicable  resolution to the land wrangle was reached with the three promising to reach out to Mengo as mediators between the two parties.

MP Nambooze Bakireke and former Mengo Ministers ,MP Ssegona and MP Mpuuga met Bobi Wines team that had his brother Nyanzi and Fellow musician Ronald Mayinja.

The SpearTip got details of the meeting which proposed a total stop to all brewing face off between the  two parties.

Introducing the meeting agenda MP Mpuuga said, the meeting came off an observetion that failing to get an amicable solution to a disagreement arising over just half an acre of land as Nambi and Kintu’s grandchildren will is likely to embarrass all Baganda.

He further made an observation that;

Kingdom enemies had taken advantage of this matter and were blowing it out of proportions and instigating attacks on the Kabaka and the Kingdom. It was also noted that enemies of Bobi Wine were also taking advantage of the situation with some even pretending to be defending while abusing the Kingdom.  The three observed that there is a hidden agenda of isolating Bobi Wine from the Kingdom   hence totally destroying him while at the same time depicting Mengo as insensitive even to a man who is loyal to the Kingdom.

With the above background the delegation promised to pursue this matter in a manner that will achieve justice for both sides without compromising Buganda culture.

The three also counselled Bobi Wine whose furry was not to the Kabaka but Mengo workers about the Kabaka asiimye phrase.  They enlighten that:

“When the Kabaka pleases to appoint any person into his service his belief is that such a person has and will exercise good judgement in executing Kabaka’s duties.

There is a very big possibility that his servants for different reasons may make poor judgement and in such circumstances there are inbuilt mechanisms to address matters that may arise.

On his side Bobi Wine appreciated the team and promised to follow to the last dot all that was discussed and agreed upon as a true Kabaka loyalist.

It was concluded that both parties work towards suspending any exchanges in any media and hence fourth restrain each one’s supporters from uttering statements that may injure the other party.



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