Government extends SIM Card validation exercise to 19th May


The government has on Wednesday afternoon directed Uganda Communications Commission and telecom companies to extend SIM Card validation exercise to 19th May.

The directive comes after several meetings between UCC and the various stakeholders to respond to the Ugandan’s appeal to extend the deadline.

The directive gives Ugandans yet another victory by defying the 29th April 2017 deadline set by the government. This is among the many issues that Ugandans have successfully opposed or pushed for several extension of the deadlines.

This is yet a Government need to learn that this strategy doesn’t work with Ugandans who will find all sorts of reasons to argue against compliance. Compliance experts are complaining about a “wait and see” attitude toward compliance and advise that until Government learns to act hard,the compliance levels will continue going down with each campaign’s . A last-minute rush to register may create bottlenecks, but this shouldn’t move government to yield all the time after spending lots of money campaigning for a deadline that will never be effected. Last month the IGG had to extend the declaration if as seats by public servants by almost a month after several officers failed to declare by 31st March despite the fact that the deadline is statutory. Today Government has extended registration of sim cards to 19th May 2017. Some experts however say that the extensions are due to the fact that Government agencies do little or no planning before deadlines are set.