We are what we eat


 @Spear in conjunction with Slow food uganda

The famous 19th Century Philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach summarised the relationship between the food we eat and consequence that food has on our lives in the  famous quote ” We are what we eat”
If we eat unhealthy food we shall definitely be unhealthy and the excessive consumption of  industrial food is closely linked to the rise of disease and chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes,cancer and heart diseases. Sugar in particular is said to be the public enemy number one.

It takes real discipline to drop some of these food items that come in handy. However think a little harder, take a little more time and try replacing unhealthy industrial snacks with something mores wholesome; an organic fruit juice, some freshly squeezed juice or a home and bread,butter or jam. Remember Industrial food have preservatives which might not be good for your health.