Dr.Bwaniika’s Gorbachev’s analogy goes viral as people name DP “traitors”

Abed Bwanika

Mikhail Gorbachev was a President who dealt the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic  and Communism a death blow. He was an American born in the Soviet Union and planted in the Russian system through which he rose through the ranks to rule the country. Yestetday while appearing on CBS Parliament Yaffe Program Abed Bwanika, former presidential candidate , revealed that there are Gorbachevs planted in Ugandan politics with the sole aim of destroying it’s structure and that these characters are so present in DP.
Since then the statement has gone viral with most DP members suggesting names of the possible Gorbachevs.
Below one Youth Allan MAWANDA gives his version which Spear carry as an opinion;

Fellow Democrats this is the right time to rise against the GOBACHEVs who have started their well long planned mission to destroy Democratic Party.
Its very clear that, GOBACHEV MBIDDE who has never won any election apart from the one  in which he was supported by his master Museveni, is very eager to fulfill his long trained mission. Critically analyze one by one, GOBACHEV Ssembajjwe who CLAIMS to ORIGINATE from BUVUMA can’t even site which Sub-county, Parish, Village and SPECIFICALLY whose FAMILY he comes from in BUVUMA, Comrads where does a man who was spotted meeting Kayihura and OPONDO in just one week get Moral Authority to suspend A FIRM leader in DP????? in NAMBOOZE we trust
This article first appeared on the writer’s face book.