Nambooze shot in the head, police dumps her at Kayabwe

Nambooze in the hospital

Nambooze has been shot by a rubber bullet in the head.
She was shot at Hon. Mpuuga’s office at cross range after she was arrested and  being put into patrol.

She was arrested by the Regional CID a lady who was in plain clothes who  Pressed her hard in the chest.

Nambooze was arrested with Hon Ssegona and Hon Nabukenya.
Nambooze spent about 2hours at Masaka CPS in boss Zaake’s office with wriggling in pain.

After two hours Nambooze’s assistants and hon Ssegona forced her outside into her car but police denied blocked the exit for 30 minutes.

In pain Nambooze  it took her assistants attempt to walk her outside police that she was put into police car escorted by two police patrols and dumped at Kayabwe.

Nambooze was picked from Kayabwe by Hon Ssegona who took her to a hospital in Kampala (name withheld).
She has severe body pain and chest pain.