By letting his reckless mouth rant about the Kabaka, Mao crossed the red line


Mao it seems he has crossed the line by insulting the Kabaka and may be biting rather too big than he can chew. Whenever Mao has been called upon by his party members to account for acts of his administration he has instead staged village like excuses, abused, insulted and expelled the leading voices.
This time round he employed another tactic; reminding the Baganda that they mothered DP and have a duty to protect it (ready not to question his leadership, whatever style because he is a non muganda and does the Baganda great good to associate with them). To push his point further he cited the Kabaka and called him a mendicant who goes to Museveni to beg. And Moa didn’t end at that, he said of the Baganda MPs on whose head he bases to earn tax payers money as not even being fit to be parliamentary receptionists.
But this time Moa cracked a joke and laughed alone. Many people who up to now have been silent have came out to warn Mao, below theSpear brings a statement from one of such people.

By Balojja Tom Darlington
In my view, the President of the Democratic Party, Hon Norbert Mao is increasingly getting obsessed with power, cantankerous in approach and unreasonable in addressing issues pertaining. In the process, he is becoming irrelevant and has lost it on issues. He is appealing to tribal sentiments for survival. His thinking renders him to believe that members will sympathise with him given the perceived “parochial attacks on him” championed by Nambooze.

No wonder he has now taken it as a battle of Baganda, courtesy of Mengo, against non Baganda. What a chauvinist and parochial Mao in this era! Since when did it become a mengo issue when Nambooze, a Vice President of your party, stand out to challenge your bad leadership, Since when did it turn out a mengo issue for Mpuuga, a sitting MP of a Municipality still remaining your stronghold, to hold a consultative meeting with his electorate? Ridiculous…….!!!!!!

Its unfortunate that leaders in Uganda fear words today. What should one fear in words? Do we know the magic in words? Do we know that God gave us one mouth and two ears so that we can listen to words more than airing them out? Are we aware that the opportunity we have in listening is getting what we don’t  know at a free cost and we only say what we know at a cost? Where is benefit and where is cost? We pay to listen to music and drama, scholarly works and inspirational talks. Why not allow politicians to talk since it is at their cost. Let us too talk if we feel there is sense in what we want to say. Let the listeners judge. Let security regulate the listeners not to abuse the message but not to deny them the God given chance of listening. Remember, we  can only get the inner self of someone when he decides to talk.

Mao, style up to avoid the fallacy of “argumentum ad Populum”.

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