I don”t Understand why people hate me; Says Overwhelmed Mbidde to Ugandans

DP vice president Fred Mukasa Mbidde  has felt the pinches of disgust directed towards him by Ugandans from all angles.He has been forced to turn to the defensive and ironically like Janet Museveni says; “I don”t know why people hate me”
Mbidde who continue to old the DP president hostage and assumed a position of a ‘principle’ in DP leadership has of recent been a subject of criticism as his true NRM/ethnic link got more exposed.
He personally commanded police on Sunday which brutally used teargas and bullets to disperse DP meeting organised by Hon Mpuuga In Masaka in which Hon Nambooze and Ssegona were hit by rubber bullets before being arrested along many DP members.
He is currently spending alot of time and money on media trying to create lost public trust but obviously this has hit a snag as no Ugandan believes anything he says and whenever he goes he meets serious criticism and Insults.
On Monday Mbidde was officially banished from Masaka region where he claims he hails from by area party leaders, followed by Mukono Ssembabule Kalungu and other districts.
He is a man in a total Public relations crisis which pushed him even in a dabate with 9years old girl who wrote to Mao. His work plan was to front Mao as a shield for public criticism and he continue doing dirty from the background which people have unearthed. Amidst this crisis he wrote on a defensive a statement which we reproduce here.
 Am puzzled at the level of attackers against Hon Mao and also tending to finish me completely .The protagonists have done this by creating fictitious Facebook accounts of non persons to vend such acrid, malodorous fetid attacks against DP and us the top leadership.
Today, MPs Kivumbi and Kasibante have alleged that I have paid up a group of thugs to kill them 😳. Allegations of this nature are intended to render us completely audious and detestable .I support the Hon Nobert Mao because I believe Uganda for once needs an incorruptible leader .I envy Rwanda because I know this country well .
By 1994 there was no such country owing to the 1990-1994 liberation war at the end of which every intellectual was either an invalid with bullet wounds or a guest .Now its soon attaining donor status against her surroundings
We can have this type of a country, or even better mainly for our children to enjoy .At the age of 43 , i don’t think I need to enjoy the best type of country personally because through hard work and the joint effort with family, and brothers like Mao , I may not have missed much , but i pitty the generations ahead 🙆🏼 .
Elders in all communities here have Uganda’s history on their fingertips because the media of the times delivered it to them .
Today’s media will however create future elders whose knowledge of events shall be tainted with pure lies ,
what a country this shall be! ✍
I will fight on .I will not mind the insults and all manner of EXCHANGES after all they are just INSULTS , I have I history dealt with EXCHANGES in killer materials even when the beneficiaries were a country I was not going to spend a life time.
You can only lead me if you merit leadership and not for any other reason
I dont even care where my leader comes from but where that leader intends to take the country .
All of us leaders know ourselves in terms of capacities and moral base much of which is not what we say to your consumption as the public which is pitiable.
To those that have made it therefore your business to insult me and Hon Mao I have this to say : WE SHALL NOT KOWTOW IN YOUR POOHOO.



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