Is Museveni planning to sell off his cows to refund the 6 billions ‘handshake’ money?

Bernard Luyiga
President Museveni on Wednesday promised to refund the 6 billions handshake money” By so doing, its like Museveni advised the probe committee to investigate and recommend for prosecution of the IGG and attorney general for misleading him into rewarding civil servants with a cash bonanza of 6 billion.
The act and the un-climax conclusion to the probe has created many pertinent questions most of which confirm Museveni and his governments’s impunity to the country. Is he to sell his cows?
Should all people who abuse office and those who take bribes just be made to refund the loot and left to go free? Where is the interest or Uganda is a loan free bank? Can corruption be fought this way?
With all those questions, columnist and popularly renown Good-Morning Uganda’s Bireete Sarah penned this:

Good Morning Uganda – a Country where government decisions are made like playing a musical game of chairs.

Late last year, a story of the 6Bn Handshake broke up and later it was discovered that actually tax payers lost $157m. This made what was commonly known as the golden handshake to be The Diamond handshake.

Many other things were unmasked during the COSASE Hearings like how accounts opened to receive oil money are empty and about to be closed, etc.

Fast Forward: Yesterday, the committee met the president and he admitted that he was misled and will refund the 6bn form his Donations budget.


  1. Why should government money be used to refund same government?
  2. Where is the rest of the $157 million?
  3. Which Way Uganda?

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