Its time for politicians to dump diversions and face real issues


By Mukambwe Lukonge

There is no guarantee that if you fail to manage internal strife in your own party while still in opposition, that you can miraculously manage the diverse affairs of the country while in government.

Gallant members of the party we need to be mindful of the great history of our Country Uganda. Before we got internal self governance, there was a London conference that declared Uganda as a sovereign state.

First representatives of of this conference was based on the indigenous tribes of Uganda as of the time. Indeed that’s the very reason as to why when one goes to the Parliament of Uganda, will find all indigenous societies that existed by 1962, properly inscribed on the wall of the entrance of the Legislative assembly. The importance of this is to always remind Ugandans that our Republic was laid on a strong foundation of tribes.

Remember a society without culture, can never stand for a test of time. That’s why we the Baganda revel so much our King.
So this business of attacking people on the basis of their tribes other than their opinion should stop if, we are to continue with the struggle to assume state power, because none of us made an application to belong to the parents who hail from such indigenous societies of the land. In any case we are even proud of belonging in whatever tribes we do, because it is such that makes us Ugandans.

Now Mr. President Hon Mao and all DP members who address personalities basing on their tribal background other than the opinions the latter is advancing, should stop for the good of our party.
For instance, is it the Baganda that have stopped the current NEC from making party organs sit and deliberate on pertinent issues of the party?
Please leaders, the time to face the real issues is now or never.

Mukambwe Lukonge Is DP candidate for MP Mityana Municipality



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