KNOW YOUR MP: Ibrahim Abiriga the yellow boy leading the Anti- age limit crusade


In the 7th-8th Parliament, Nrm had a famous group of the yellow girl s” led by Hanifa Kawooya among others. They were known to support Mr.Museveni without any reservation but as time went on, they lost the steam. They are still around but not as vigilant as in the past years.
What is new on the block however, is the emergence of the Yellow boys led by Ibrahim Abiriga.

MP. Abiliga (center) outside the Parliamentary Building

In an interview with the Press, Abiriga  in 2015 said he decided to quit the job of RDC because he had failed to serve people like he would wish using the position. Ibrahim Abiriga, the  then Yumbe Resident District Commissioner had resigned to join politics as MP Arua Municipality.

Swadik Angupale, a local councilor welcomed and stood as one of his right hand man. He said that the decision by Abiriga to join active politics was one of the best ever to be made by him. According to Angupale, Abiriga was very instrumental in fighting corruption in Arua and Yumbe district where he had been serving.

Joseph Odama, a resident of Arua says Abiriga says Abiriga would often challenge government programs that don’t favour the local people.
So far, Abiriga is the only RDC in West Nile region who has resigned to join active politics.

However Abiriga suffered a set back when he was bitterly fought over lack of academic qualifications a matter that he eventually won in courts of law.
But in Parliament Abiriga is known for only one thing, his dressing code that once sent MP Nambooze to raise a point of order that “a prisoner had entered parliamentary chambers” sending the house in a boot of laughing.
Deputy speaker Jacob Oulunyu ruled that Abiriga was properly dressed in a safari suit.
But today Abiriga has found a bigger role, not as a fighter of corruption but as one of the leaders pushing for the lifting of the presidential term limit.
The Spearnews further brings you a series of photos of Mr Abiliga parliamentary dressing code as here below;



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