VIDEO, DP leaders banish Mao, Mbidde and Siranda from Mukono


Mukono Municipality DP Executive committee has with immediate effect banished DP president general Norbert Mao, his vice Mbidde Mukasa and Ag Organizing Secretary Siranda Blacks from stepping in their constituency on any mission. Also read

Greater Masaka DP leaders banish Mbidde-Mao from their region-Audio

According to the executive committee organising secretary Ms Nakasi Betty, the banishment is for 14 days which is the same period they have given as an ultimatum to Mao to retract his executives illegal decision to suspend Hon. Nambooze without being accorded a fair hearing.

In a press conference held Wednesday at Mukono DP headquarters Nakabago under the guidance of DP chairperson Al haj Ssegayi Luqman, the committee further gave Mao 72hours to retract his statements and apologise to His Highness the Kabaka of Buganda for his utterances against him

The full board attended meeting which had area Councillors, DP members and the entire executive committee, further asked Mao to make a public clarification on his tribe because much as he punctuates his speeches with tribalistic sentiments the Acholi he claims to represent have started denying him and say he is just on Museveni’s mission to promote tribal enmity between Acholi and Baganda’s yet they doubt his link to them.

The team officially removed Mao’s photo from their DP offices and tore it apart as they reminded him that this is not a Nambooze, but a DP struggle

This banishment follows that of Rakai,  Masaka, Kalungu, Ssembabule district


Greater Masaka DP leaders banish Mbidde-Mao from their region-Audio



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